Normal ride mileage?

Allen van der Hoek /

How far do you all normally go on a ride? 5 miles? 10? 50? And what's the farthest you've gone, be it in one "sitting" or with breaks? (Without breaking your 'Ped, or self)

Re: Normal ride mileage?

probably 5-15 miles at a time. i live in a city so everything is pretty close. you might find some of the guys who live out in the country ride further because everything is more spaced out. longest i did was a ride from home to work, about 25 miles. then eight hours later i rode 25 miles back home. that was a pain in the butt after getting to the destination. also with all the vibrations my hands were numb and bones felt funny lol.

Re: Normal ride mileage?

Lots of small 2-5 mile rides but when weather and time allows it i like to do 50-100 mile rides.

Re: Normal ride mileage?

Probably Fred /

8-9 to 50+ mi,

A long and or a big seat helps for a longer ride even on a small step through bike so my Maxis I put long seat on them if they didn’t have the 1.5 sport seat on them all ready,

Most times I’m ridin bigger bike that already comes with big comfortable seats like a puch magnum or tomos revival with nothing shorter than mid rise handlebars too so a 50mi ride is Very easy to do,

I live in a semi rural area (though it used to be More rural) so just around the block can be 11miles, with very few traffic signals (we have roundabouts) and 4-5 miles of wide open road in some places,

My bikes go pretty fast (and need to out here) so a one hour ride could be easily be over 30 miles if just riding no stops,

If I’m just going to a food store for a few things, the one I like to go to is 3-4 miles one way but takes no time to get there even with traffic because of roundabouts

Re: Normal ride mileage?

Well, the ride to the river at Pomeroy is 42 miles one way,and it's my favorite. I usually go by way of Lake Alma and Wilkesville , so that makes it over 50 miles one way and 42 back at night.

Don't do a lot of short trips. Sometimes run down to Portsmouth or down to Oak Hill and about in the country. Go a lot to Chillicothe and sometimes to Columbus.

Got a nice seat on the Sebrings also have a gel seat to strap over them.

I take enough tools to repair almost anything on the road, but breakdowns are rare. One tank of gas is around 2.5 gals., so that's 250 miles average range. I DO carry an escape bottle of pre-mix, enough to get about 8 to 10 miles farther in search of a gas station and of course I carry mixing oil.

Long trips are much more fun for me with the large windshields.

Re: Normal ride mileage?

Normal ride is to the liquor store and back

Re: Normal ride mileage?

Probably Fred /

> Don Ohio Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I take enough tools to repair almost anything on the road, but

> ut breakdowns are rare.

> because they are undertuned, but even so they keep up with most kitted hobbits or most any other kidded bike whether it’s a horrible (in wet or winter) belt drive (not derbi) bike or normal one or two speed bikes up to 55 mph nowadays because of I take care of maintenance schedules,

I could go at least 50 miles before I need gas on almost every step through bike I have and 100mi on top tank I have so I don’t mind filling up at a pump and adding oil with any gas there is around me and my stock modded revival and a 40+mph magnum MKII I ride are oil injected so any gas will do and I don’t need to add oil to the gas for at least 1000 miles because they keep the oil tanks full,

I do have a small 1 gallon can which can fit on any bike with a tie strap to rack that I can use for a back up tank if I need to also,

If a breakdown occurs and I can’t repair what tools I have on me I call with my 10 year old phone and one of my old minivans will show up with a family member within a half hour and if that doesn’t work I can call AAA to having RV insurance which covers motorcycles and scooters they will show up eventually (but one time with my van it was close to an hour and a half) with a flat bed to get me home,

It’s funny in the 1970s I didn’t have any way to get back home if my bike (1977 Italveto) broke down or my Kawasaki F 11 175 enduro motorcycle broke leaving me stranded but they never did so it made me love 2 cycle engine bikes forever!

I guess I was and still am luckier than most because my mopeds have been pretty much reliable as any car in my 200 sq mi riding area then I have ever owned but that’s because I’ve only bought low mileage mint bikes to begin with nothing modified/destroyed like what is for sale nowadays and I know what I’m doin with one and two speed European Moped’s

Re: Normal ride mileage?

5-10 miles anymore, longest was about 50.

Re: Normal ride mileage?

Josiah Radebaugh /

Really depends..... I haven't have time to go for a nice long ride in awhile. The longest ride I've taken is an estimated 60-70 miles. I usually do about 6-10 Miles. Occasionally I'll do somethin like 18.

Re: Normal ride mileage?

Emil Kniemel /

My work commute is about ~7 miles one way so that is what I do most often. I actually don't get to ride too much for leisure these days. The farthest I've ever done was probably around 40 miles round trip.

It's way funner to ride with other people no matter the distance.

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