An air box for a 19mm phbg?

I have a 19mm phbg which makes the foam filter I have on there like 32mm. It's incredibly loud, does anyone know of an air box that would fit on here to cut the noise down? Ideally it would be compact as well.


Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

Not compact but jbots airboxes are the shizz

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

Sean Daugherty /

Great, I actually just messaged him. He does have some great airboxes! Crazy what you can make out of home items. Thanks Aaron

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

Honestly it is super easy to make.

I think I made a thread about how to make one.

You just need a fat shampoo bottle, hole saw (like a big drill bit) and some irrigation supplies and hose clamps. This is arts n crafts shit.

If you want to make one I can walk you thru the process

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

Sean Daugherty /

Yes I definitely would be interested in making one. All the help you could give would be very appreciated! I guess my biggest question: my carb sticks out from the bike, is there a way to either make the box compact or a solution to wrap it back to the side of the ped?

Also I saw someone (I think Mark Ryan) on here that has attached the sha standard air box to the phbg velocity stack. Any experience with this? It would be super compact but would it reduce noise with the box being so small? Also would it breathe enough?


Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

For your setup,

You'd want a hose that brought the box up towards the forks. Then it could be tied onto the side of the frame.

Like my Moby but the opposite side.

You'd want a large bottle with a dome top. Like this. 3in diameter


Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?z

> Fabienne Cornillet Wrote:

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> Really nice one

Fuck you French robot

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?z

Moby air box kicks ass.

I will say my air boxes work best with reeds. You have reeds?

I can't seem to find the how to link about my shampoo boxes.

Ill make a diy simple af thread about how to do it today.

My technique for phbg is to use a flex hose I have that fits the threads perfectly on the phbg input. Think it's for sump pumps.


Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?z

Sean Daugherty /

This looks awesome! Excited to see the thread you put together. Crazy that is a shampoo bottle. I do not have reeds, you think I will still have luck doing it this way? good idea on the flex hose, i'm assuming you just went to like a hardware store?

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

Dirty30 Dillon /

@Jbot, have you had any issues with fuel degradation of the tubing you're using? Not sure if sump pump tubing is coated well enough to resist, or if it plainly doesn't see enough fuel to warrant protection from petroleum distillates.

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

I've been using a steering rack boot for a year or 2 now on my DT250, doesn't seem to mind. Its a bigger crab tho.

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Most plastic tubing is either PETE or HDPE, and I've never had any issues with gasoline degrading them. I've kept gasoline in 2L soda bottles for months with no issues, and gas cans are made of HDPE themselves.

One thing I would avoid though is PS, or polystyrene, which doesnt like gas. (Think red solo cups)

Re: An air box for a 19mm phbg?

Nothing I've ever used has been replaced. Never a problem with any deterioration in the hoses or the bottles.

I made a thread,4284575 (edited)

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