Need help wiring lights

derek cuellar /

Hey Guys,

I'm looking to wire in my head/ tail light in on my v1 minarelli general. Does anyone have tips on how I should do this (i.e how to regulate the voltage and what to connect to what, so I don't mess anything up).

The tail light is the stock tail light and the headlight is the universal 3 wire light from Treatland. I also have the stock light switch on the handle bars that i want to connect them to.

Re: Need help wiring lights

check the wiki for wiring diagrams and project moped manual for a manual with wiring diagrams. If everything's stock, should be just replacing stock wires... Otherwise find the power outta the stator, split it off to a voltage regulator (you may not need one but get one anyway if you wanna be safe or plan upgrades later) they wire in differently depending on the one you get but it should include a diagram of how to wire. then just split the power out and run a wire up front to the headlight and one back to the tail, grund the other sides of the lights to the frame anywhere and you've got lights enough to be legal. if you're trying to do brakelights and blinkers too, that's a little bit more work but if you search around you could probably find good answers

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