would like your advice

Hi, new to this forum. so I recently got a 1980 puch with an e50 on it and the bikes kitted out with the 70cc head with aftermarket pipe, carb, crank, the works.. Got it from a guy that had it for 5 years said he barely rode it speedo says 2200 miles on it. Im new to fixing mopeds so I want some feedback on what to do with this thing, I want to know, is it okay to ride this thing until it gives me issues, or should I be tinkering around on it? what would you guys do?

Re: would like your advice

Ride it til it breaks

Re: would like your advice

Depends on your style. Routine maintenance helps prolong bike and prevent headaches. Knowing the ins and outs of your bike helps you troubleshoot down the road too. If it is free of any real known issues I would regardless replace spark plug, check timing/points, change trans fluid, would look at all nuts/bolts/lines/tires, carb clean, check tank for rust and add filter or clean it as needed

Re: would like your advice

Josiah Radebaugh /

What I would do it: Fix what's wrong with it/anoys me. Ride it like a semi-stock bike, keeps vibirations down. Just ride.

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