Newbie - looking to build my own around-town put put

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I'm looking to put together my own around-town =<50cc or less bicycle alternative. I've seen a number of simple kits wherein you strap a briggs and Stratton or similar but Ideally i'd like something pretty like the old Hondas or even vespa lines. I'm technically capable and have some space. the lower the budget the more flexibility I fell I'd have to make it my own. cheer to all you fine people

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Re: Newbie - looking to build my own around-town put put

Great, but the bike there is well...garbage...IN MY OPINION!

That is a Honda four stroke moped...two strokes make power on every revolution, whereas four strokes it's every other...basically, two stroke bikes create double the power by displacement than four strokes....not always true, but pretty much a rule for these small bikes.

For reliability I would go for a Puch maxi or a Sachs powered bike, ie, Sparta foxi or Columbia commuter. Of the two, Puch is the best due to parts and performance avalability..

Italian powered bikes such as minerelli are just as good as puch for parts and performance, but it seems like you have an eye for the style of which case I would suggest a motobecane or Peugeot...which require lots of maintenance due to the quirky French engineering...but can be just as reliable with constant care..

You mentioned bicycle alternative, when I think that. I think Vespa ciao..

This is a vintage 2stroke moped forum, if you want a kit based will be better off an a different forum.

Bear in mind, most states require a standard drivers lisence to operate these bikes

Re: Newbie - looking to build my own around-town put put

I wish I could find one of those Honda's as they were and still are one of the best mopeds ever made....check these out.....

Kickass P-50s.jpg

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