Hey dudes! Been away for a while, first with a new job, then with broken clavical, ribs, etc. (no hard feelings against Mammoth; still one of the most awesome snowboard spots I've been too). It was go big or go home, and I wrote myself a ticket back to the garage :D

Anyway, pointless shit post. Tonight I made a nice plug for a eecomp valve hole. Threaded the existing hole for M5, along with the hole in the end piece, then aligned and polished. Quick project. I'm happy with it.


Was also pleasantly suprised to find my fukin-around-in-the-garage shirt in the mailbox. Looks great, quality's great - awesome all around.


Re: Ramblings

Where can i order one of those shirts?

Re: Ramblings

Dude. I want that shirt baddd...man is a legend ....

Gonna have to read the thread again! Find that link

Re: Ramblings

alex ganz /

Thomas TPRF sells 'em at the site below (along w/ a buncha other killer designs).


Re: Ramblings

Shirt is awesome, the squirrel whisperer!

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