Swapping wheels Tomos Silver Bullet

I have 1980 silver bullet, someone wants me to trade my spoke wheels for their 95 sprint beach bum mags. Not my favorite mags, but I do prefer mags in general over spokes.

Any special considerations for compatibility w/ my stock fork and all? What do you guys think about the value in this swap?



Re: Swapping wheels Tomos Silver Bullet

Trade em if they swear the mags are straight and not busted.

Re: Swapping wheels Tomos Silver Bullet

Should be a straight swap. I like spokes better personally, but do you man!

Re: Swapping wheels Tomos Silver Bullet

The older tomos swingarms have a larger diameter piece on the end of the peg that catches the brake plate. The newer aluminum brake plate just has a slot. If the peg is long enough you might get away with just grinding that larger diameter piece down. Of course you could always just swap to a newer swingarm, since they're cheap.

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