Wiring universal tahometer to Tomos

Benjamin Hojnik /

So i got one of those fancy universal tahometers. I'm currently running a cotanct style ignition (can and probably will be retrofitted to contactless CDI, that came with newer tomoses).

Is there any chance to wire this, so rpm gauge would work? I currently have one of those inductive type (wrap wire around spark plug cable) and it works flawlessly. Now i'd like to integrade everything to one unit.

Actual power to the unit will be taken care off (it takes 12VDC, tomos only generated 12V AC).

Re: Wiring universal tahometer to Tomos

Benjamin Hojnik /

as it turns out, it works just fine out of the box. You just have to hook up rpm singal wire to chassis ground and set cylinder count to 4.

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