vespa/gilera CITTA!!!

i am a proud owner of one of the few cittas this side of the pond. i got a hankerin' for a small wheeled moped a couple years back. this was when DOS was still a secret swoop stash. Blake, the coolest guy i now, gave me a super duper birthday deal on a pretty much complete bike that ran poorly even. i promptly blasted it up with my trust dr-kit vespa setup. it's been dormant for a little while and i'm about to bring it back. this time i got the same it, but with more porting, CDI, and the antipasto crank.

now, when i fill my citta with gas, the rim of the filler neck looks an awful lot like it's stainless steel. i mean, why not? am i cray cray? has anyone else noticed this? if it is, my citta is getting the full delorean treatment. it's currently like chippy house paint and rattlecan. thanks europe. so can my wishful thinking be true? i'm gonna go check. if it is, it's gonna look soooooo cool naked. i'll strip the mags naked too. shud take about 5 cans of stripper....the subframe is truck bed liner black. i did that after i re-did all the spot welds with a mig. this was a great idea....


Re: vespa/gilera CITTA!!!

nooooo way.

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> pat splat Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> nooooo way.

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Wanna see! wanna see!

Fuck the Swoops

Re: vespa/gilera CITTA!!!

I'm about 1000% certain citta's are not made out of stainless steel.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

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