Need top tank advice

I have an 01 Tomos Targa step through. I want to do a top tank conversion but I don’t like the look of the targa top tank. If I Install a crossbar from treatland, what other tanks would fit? I’m sure somebody has done this.

Re: Need top tank advice

Dre Snow /

Any answers?

Re: Need top tank advice

The answer is anything that you like that will fit, unfortunately your question is so broad you won't get any serious answers

Measure the space available and get on eBay.

Re: Need top tank advice

Search it on here. Has to be some people have done it.

Re: Need top tank advice

Emil Kniemel /

Most people don't convert tomos to top tanks, but rather tube framed bikes like hobbits or puchs. You can see various types of bikes with different tanks here:,3052961,page=1

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