How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

Are you a collector? Is a moped your daily? Do you even ride? Do you live for rallies and group rides? Are you a racer? A tuner? Maybe you're into buying, fixing and reselling, or do you have a shop. Do you just like fixing stuff? I've been into mopeds for about a year now. It started with one. It always starts with one. A Vespa Bravo. It was not runnng, but complete. By the time i got it running, i was hooked. But not hooked on riding so much, as the satisfaction i got from taking this humble, broken machine and turning it into a zippy little form of transportation that i missed out on as a youngster. I grew up in the 70's like many on here, but I started young on dirt bikes, and bypassed these less-than-cool rides. Now, 40+ years later i stumbled across them again. After getting the Bravo going, i began craving more. One just wasnt enough. After all, many people on MA have multiple bikes. I came across an ad for three more mopeds, a Motron, a Maxi, and a Wards Riverside. I bought them all, and suddenly had a collection. I spent the summer wrenching, repairing, rejuvenating and searching for more mopeds. So now, almost a year later, I own nine mopeds. For some reason i love them. I don't really ride them. Ive got too much medical stuff going on and cant drive anymore. Ive put less than 50 miles total on them. But i still love them, and my wife rides them, and the neighbor kids think they're cool. I enjoy fixing them and restoring them. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to pick up a junker that has been given up on years ago, and cleaning it up, and getting it on the road again. Its great to see my wife ride off to work on a bike that was previously abandoned and forgotten. Or the smile ona kids face when i tell him to go test ride the new performance pipe i put on. Its fun to teach youngsters, and even my wife, about air/fuel ratios, jetting, expansion chambers, etc.

So I guess i am a collector/wrencher. Im getting into performance tuning for more of a challenge. I thought i would be a flipper, buying bikes on the cheap, fixing them and then reselling for a small profit. I cant get rid of any of them. I have even kept the bikes that I have bought specifically to resell to put the money into other bikes.

So what do mopeds look like in your life? Hello. My name is Seth, and I'm an addict.

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Josiah Radebaugh /

That's one thing I love about doing mopeds.. Is resurrecting a bike that's been forgotten and getting it back on the road. If I had an infinite moped budget I'd restore any bike I come across... One thing I'd like to do is take a couple of sad carcass's of mopeds.. Got a yeller 40t I wann get riding again. Ratty Columbia commuter frame. Peugeot frame, swing arm 'n engine.. You know. Keep em' around for some time longer.

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Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

It's a combination for me. If I had room, I'd have a large collection! Currently I own 7. I also get satisfaction from fixing/reviving these machines, and it's always fun to experiment with performance parts! Riding is something I would do ALOT more of if I was in a more suburban/rural area..but riding in NYC is terrible, relatively speaking. Potholes, intersections, cagers, congestion, dirty air.....that being said, group rides and meetups are some of the most fun I've had riding a moped.

When I see a good friend pogo bouncing up and down on his ciao seat at 25mph right beside me, I can't help but burst into laughter inside my helmet.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

I horde rarities only at this point. At the beginning it was a matter of grabbing whatever I could, now I only grab things that really interest me. Yet, that still leaves me with over a dozen or so bikes in the shop as well as some other stragglers.

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Chöschi21 C.K. /

Love to modify them, and got one as a Daily. another just for cruising and riding in the Mountains.

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I had them as a kid, rode dirt-bikes too, but you could get a moped license at 15, so there was that, got back into them in '98, with my Hobbit, still have it, have collected a few more, but the novelty is wearing off, I have limited space, and just don't find myself riding as much anymore, I used to commute in the summer, and that was awesome, but traffic has increased tremendously, as well as the drivers all having a case of "phone in face" and everyone speeds, getting too dangerous for stock bikes on all but the really back ways. I have no desire to kit a bike, would maybe pay someone to do it...but really, why not just buy something more powerful? I will always have at least one moped though, there is just something goofy fun about them. Takes me back to when life was simpler, and slower. :) I too like getting something going that has not run in ages, very satisfying. Another thing, you young guys will find in 20-30 yrs, starting a recalcitrant moped is hard on the knees! :D Something to be said for the kick start no-peds. (edited)

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I enjoy working with my hands and fixing things. I had no idea what mopeds were until finding a Honda noped on CL and having to have it. Since then I'm always searching for cheap ones to fix and resell - although I don't make any money on them, it's more just for the fun.

I currently have my Garelli and looking for a Tomos - just cause. I do want to build my own noped/bicycle in a rat way. I have had a frame design on my mind for years which I think would look sweet but can't weld for shit.

I enjoy riding. It's a peaceful experience.

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i find it to be a "great equalizer"

any chode with daddys credit card can bolt on shit to a civic or bring it to someone who can and do 140mph

that same chode can drop 4k at Treats and even if he finds a builder will still have to actually turn a wrench in order to ride on any kind of regular basis.

weve got hermits, hotheads, half pig hybrids, and all sorts of other whackjobs on here that a bag of cash aint gonna help you

you gotta learn for yourself, get dirty, break shit, get angry trying to find replacement shit and yell at your bikes like a mental patient when they dont work

guess im saying that you gotta be a little "tapped"

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I'm enjoying these responses. I'm hoping this thread will create a little unity and harmony; it looks like it's working. There is so much regurgitated animosity and hostility going around today and it's nice to have something we can come together on, even though we all do it a little differently.

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Can you still wrench and not suffer for it? Take a few moped repair jobs and sell a few unneeded mopeds for OTHER people to ride. Glad your wife can ride.

Don't sell mopeds to people that can't or won't wrench on their own. They'll always be bringing them back.

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Brad William /

I moped because it's the closest I've found to a waking experience of certain 'freedom' dreams. The dreams where you seem to be able to run effortlessly, unencumbered, never tire, go anywhere, over and around, sometimes in flight, sometimes afoot, sometimes just willing yourself forward, sometimes aloft, and thrilled.

Part of that has to do with the anomalous nature of mopeding. Less held to rules. Unfamiliar enough to others that you escape, are invisible to, most predjudice. No helmet, no insurance, no need to carry identification. Just buzz, anywhere, anytime, 100mpg, with a big fat smile on your face!

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Probably Fred /

> Don Ohio Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Can you still wrench and not suffer for it? Take a few moped repair jobs

> and sell a few unneeded mopeds for OTHER people to ride. Glad your wife

> can ride.


> Don't sell mopeds to people that can't or won't wrench on their own.

> n. They'll always be bringing them back.

I don’t know Don over the years I’ve sold probably 100 different bikes both Moped’s and small two cycle motorcycles and only had a problem with only a few bringing them back, most times because they did something stupid like not adding oil to gas or what was they called a “simple crash” which was bad crash damage,

Mind you the bikes I sold were clean, low mileage almost every part taken off and detailed and blueprinted including brakes and bearings, most were modded or kitted so they were fast enough to keep up with traffic,

Some bikes I offered maintenance every year for a small charge like a yearly tuneup/check up and few came by but I would like clean the plug or something and not charging them anything.

I kept/keep contact of some people/hobbyist’s that bought bikes from me sometimes offering for me to buy them back like if their kid got a car, they got a bigger bike or whatever and if they gave me a ok deal and I would buy the bike back

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

I like tinkering and it's cheaper to tinker with this and takes up less space and is less impactful on my daily life than tinkering with cars.

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Brad William /

I most have in common with the OP a fondness for keeping older, still very useful, machinery alive. It's a little work, maybe even not the better bargain when hours spent are counted, but the satisfaction is real.

Between my three old puch 50ccs, a 96 chevy worktruck, an '84 BMW R65, a 1978 John Deere 111 riding mower, a toro 728 snowblower of about the same vintage, I don't expect to replace any of them any time soon. And I never fail to appreciate them. Not just tools, or vehicles, but a vital part of the journey. (edited)

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

That R65 is a TANK of a bike, can have that the rest of your life....old stuff was not as fancy as new, but was designed to LAST. I can assure you, you will not find a 40 yo TAO TAO... :)

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Captain Janeway /

I've been riding them for 40 years. They're my cars. Just been the last like 7 years I really learned to play with them. Only rode stock bikes before. Only needed basic maintenance. Agree with guy above who mentioned how much nicer nopeds are for bad knees

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Louis Brunskill /

From my brand new 380$ 1985 Honda spree I bought with my summer job. To countless junk that I traded up for, hoppers, Indians, hobbits, I've had lots of fun times with my young friends. I always kept 2+ goin good so we could go out at night and blast around. I was the make anything run guy. Mopeds were always a "safer" way to go out after the bar or a party "back in the day" Now I keep 2 around for quick store runs, and so the kids get a chance to ride a real toy without an electric start or electronic on it.. ha. And let's face it, You can't ride a moped with out feeling good when ya zip along.

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Josiah Radebaugh /

Funny thing with small bikes is you feel like yer rippin when your old doing like 25.. "Better to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow"

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

> Josiah Radebaugh Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> "Better to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow"

Seems you have that^ exactly backwards .

It's always better to have some 'reserve' . ;)

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

I started with a Bravo a year ago this month. Like Seth, mine wasn't running but it was all there. Googled everything I could that day, about it.

Got it running by the afternoon, I am hooked. Got a second bike late last summer a running Tomos .needed some TLC, looking and riding good. Now I'm learning how to fix, adjust , light mods, no shops or fellow mopeders close to wrench with. I ride when I can .


Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'


I like to modify them for fun. The olMoby mod is going on 10 years. Still hackin’em up :)

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

Captain Janeway /

> Moore Burns & Payne Crematorium Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> >

> I like to modify them for fun. The olMoby mod is going on 10 years.

> Still hackin’em up :)

Like this one! Still love the footpeg to pedal adapter you gave me!

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I agree with so much on this post.

The satisfaction of bringing a 40 year old bike back to life, sometimes with just a little bit if work.

Restoring and riding the first bike I bought 40 years ago and never had the heart to get rid of.

Feeling like that 15 year old again, "blasting" on a stock bike at a whopping 25 miles per hour.

The freedom you feel riding by yourself.

The looks you get.

I went on a 40 mile ride for the first time one year ago and a hippie couple in a conversion van noticed me and said, "Cool, I haven't seen a moped in 30 years!"

The good, bad, and ugly conversations on this website...

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Simon Belmont /

I use moped as a main means of transportation to/from work and for running errands, shopping etc.. so reliability is very important in that aspect, Tomos (newer model 2013 Sprint) is what I have now, back when I had the older 80's A35 Tomos I constantly had to work on it to keep it running (rusty gas tank/clogging carburetor, stuff kept falling off it/needed replacing due to its age).

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

I got my first moped at 15, in va you could ride one at 15 without a license. Ifid t get my license tilling was 19. Rode a ped exclusively till then. Learned so much about working on them via this site back then. I moved up to bikes, had a few, got really into vws, picked up a cheap non running derby variant and got it running. I have kitted almost all the peds I kept for myself.

I'm now 33, I'm looking to grab another ped. It's 10x cheaper than vw's, I just love riding them cruising along at 35-40mph

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Brad William /

The "slow bike fast vs fast bike slow" accounts for a lot of it to me. My job and the place I get groceries are a few miles across town. In the summer I have my 650 in the garage next to the mopeds. Within 10 miles from home I ride the peds about 95 percent of the time, even though a much more comfortable, far more powerful bike is sitting there right next to them. Anything within 20 miles of home on the 650 just feels like going from A to B... may just as well be a car, cab, or bus. But spinning along near max rpm at 25 to 35 mph never fails to bring a little adventure. I'm more likely to detour on my way just for the hell of it.. for the pure fun and time-out therapy of it.

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Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

Nice !

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

About 40 years ago I had a moped because all kids had mopeds. Then I missed the natural progression from mopeds to 125cc motorcycles because I was caught driving one without a license. So, that was it for 2 wheelers for me at the time.

Fast forward 40 years: Last autumn I lost my car license for a month because of speeding. Solution: I don't need any kind of license to drive a moped! :D So, I bought a 45 year old moped. ;-)

Now I continue small scale mopeding because they are fun to tinker with and quite handy when going to supermarket, post office etc. which are quite close by. Lately I've been mostly trying to make it safer (brakes) and a bit faster too.

I plan to enter some vintage moped rally this summer too. (edited)

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

all about community and wrenching. typically been riding a small cc 2T moto lately as its a more convenient commute. I have around 5 or so mopeds—and only keep rare minarelli shit. Also building race bikes.

Re: How Do You 'Moped'? Why Do You 'moped'

Are you a collector?

Not really, two are enough

Is a moped your daily? Do you even ride?

Yes it's a daily ride if it's not too cold or rainy

Do you live for rallies and group rides?

Very seldom, but sometimes I join moped events

Are you a racer? A tuner?

Not really a racer. But I do have tuning projects.

Maybe you're into buying, fixing and reselling, or do you have a shop.

By the way I work in this direction (to start a moto shop)

Do you just like fixing stuff?

Not really, especially I enjoy the time when nothing breals down.

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