Tomos APN tank

I've got a tomos targa lx that is perfectly good as it is.

Never the less I'm always looking for ways to screw with it.

I know the tank is unbelievably large and can hold more fuel than most but it's more awkward looking than I was in high school.

Would an APN tank work on a targa lx? Has anyone done this?

Treats sells the tank.

I don't think the apn was sold in the US. The only reason I know about them is from second stroke mopeds YouTube channel.

I'm kinda going opposite of what most people do - taking a top tank and making it a step through.


Re: Tomos APN tank

I think the lx frame is quite a bit wider than the apn frame, so the tank probably wouldn't sit nicely over it.

Re: Tomos APN tank

well i took the tank off my top tank targa the other day and it was only held down by a nut and bolt that attached on the back part. have to open the seat to get at it. it wasn't attached at the front and i don't remember if it attaches at the front. hopefully i won't burst into flames if i wreck because of this, haha! i don't think it would work personally, but its mopeds. you can fab something up if you have the time and skill.

Re: Tomos APN tank

im sure someone would trade u a step thru for your TT

Re: Tomos APN tank

Dirty30 Dillon /

The APN tank hump is going to be very narrow and won't fit over a Targa tank.

Re: Tomos APN tank

Looks awesome

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