Brake Shoes for Indian AMI 50

Does anyone know where to find brake shoes for Indian AMI50 or if any other moped types would fit such as the PUCH snowflakes 90mm x 20mm?



Re: Brake Shoes for Indian AMI 50

have you measured yours? If I recall there were 2 inidian brakes, mags vs spokes. It was one size that the parts exist and 1 size that basically doesn't. Mopedjunkyard had some for a while in both indian sizes. I think it's the mag ones are an oddball size you can't find anywhere?

Re: Brake Shoes for Indian AMI 50

I looked around and it seems like they had a few diffent wheel sets. Actually all over the bke they used diffrerent parts, some had keihin vs mikuni carbs, different heads, forks, ignitions etc.

there's a 90x20 brake that's fairly common, but most are made for a standard style spring, while the indian has a big U spring. In order to fit the U spring you've gotta drill out the hole, but apparently the EBC ones don't have enough material to be drilled out. and the mag wheels won't fit regular springs cuz the center hub is wider for the cast aluminum. Treats has their house brand ones listed as working for indian if you drill em out for the U spring: you could probably also drill the U-spring tips smaller but that might fall out or get weird.

The spoke wheels I think maybe were also 90x20 but used regular springs cuz they don't have the wider center, so those should fit the spokes without modification, cool! don't take my word for it tho, measure!

There are also 100x20 pads on some Indian wheels, it's also a fairly common size; dude says these work if you've got the "pentastar" aka "indian snowflake" mags:

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