Post it note moped fixin'

Just wanted to share something i've been doing the last couple weeks that has really helped a lot with my moped fixin.

I was going out to the shop, getting distracted, bumbling around working on a little of this and a little of that. I have at least 3 bikes i gotta have finished and dialed in by rally season here, so i had to get serious.

I made a master list of all the shit i gotta get done ( i usually have a fw of these going)

Every day when i'm at work and not distracted by a million projects, I pick ~ 2 hours worth of tasks off those lists, I write them on a post it note. I bring the post it home with me and stick it on the workbench when i go out to the garage. Then i just work through the tasks listed. When i'm done i go to bed.


Its working really well the last week or so here. Making a lot of forward progress and not getting bogged down in organizing, taking other random stuff apart, dawdling around. Its funny because i have a post-it note based system at work for the last 10 years, but never thought to bring it home to the garage!

Maybe it will work for you too? What are some ways you stay on task and stay organized in the shop?

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

Getting organized and staying on task is tough. It gets worse the more bikes you have. You spend more time wrenching than you do riding. Limit the number of bikes or pick one or two favorites and get them dialed in. Save the others for rainy days, otherwise you end up like me with 16 bikes and not one I can ride at the moment.

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

pretty much use the same system.....I've minimized life to keep the list shorter without interfering with quality of life....way less shit to keep up with....

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

I have a huge whiteboard on the wall and write all the stuff i gotta do and cross it off rather than erase it and it keeps me moving for sure

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yeah my 'shitlist' for each bike lives on a clip board but if i'm staring at 40 things i gotta do i just get all confused and bumble.

I admire/respect/ jealous of people who can just do all this inside their brain... my brain don't work good that way.


Re: Post it note moped fixin'

I do the same list just on the notes app on my phon. I try not to take apart more than one bike at a time. I might have to take the carb off another or a spark plug here or light bulb there but I limit it to small stuff that gets put back together right away.

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

I guess I'm lame. I choose which project to move forward based on mood. Since none of my projects are on a time limit, I guess that helps me be lazy.

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Probably Fred /

I use to to be able to keep up to two weeks worth of flooring jobs locations/address, phone numbers time/hrs spent, prices, estimations materials,

(sometimes several stops in one day especially the weeks I was doing repairs would be four or five stops in a day) all in my head to fill out a billing and or Time tally/hrs spent on a job/jobs as well as when I ran a job keeping track of 10 or 12 installers what they did all day that week after I became a union installer all in my head,

I can pretty much remember what I did almost everyday of my life even as a toddler but it’s not quite as clear since I hit the wonder years:

I wonder what day it is ? I wonder what time it is? I wonder what’s for dinner? I wonder when I’m supposed to take my medication ?

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

> Ken Roff Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I wonder what day it is ? I wonder what time it is? I wonder what’s for

> r dinner? I wonder when I’m supposed to take my medication ?

I guess I'm past that . It doesn't matter what day or time it is and I trust my wife to fix something good for dinner and lay out a baby aspirin every night . No other meds for me . ;)

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Paul Boyer (OFMC) /

Too funny! As I'm reading this thread I'm staring at a list of to do things I wrote yesterday.

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I’ll get my son to come out to the shed. Put ur shoes on and come outside and look at this. You’ll see when u get there, come on. He’ll fuck with his phone while I explain a moped part or technique that I’m doing. Almost everyday I drag him out here. Then I’m able to do a little bit more, but if I wrote a list it would go

1. Find list

2. Find list

3. Find list etc. lol

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

I wrote a bunch of instructions to remember how to bend up hobbit foot rest panels. that was a good one paw-paw! Find list ;)


Re: Post it note moped fixin'

Hah, same. My favorite is when you find one from like a year ago and you're like "holy shit that was an easy fix" or "I remember putting that carb on, it's had 2 different ones since then" or "hah, I sold that thing months ago and still hadn't gotten good tires on"

but usually it's "ahh shit I still gotta do that huh..."

like it's always amusing looking back and seeing how far some projects have progressed while others are dead still in the same exact spot.

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

yeah i had parts come in for a vespa motor yesterday but my gold maxi went up on the bench now and i'm gonna hit that hard till its done before i let myself move on.

Re: Post it note moped fixin'

Good Luck withat’ daddio

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