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Adam Willison /

Hi I’ve just got an old tomos moped and looking to try and establish what model and year it is and how I should re register for road use. No v5 and the reg plate is missing. Any ideas pls? Engine and frame numbers are the same. No other foil stickers or numbers that I can see. Cheers


Re: Registering old tomos moped uk


Mine has the original turn signals on it. I looked it up at Myrons Mopeds, it seems they were stock on the A3 Bullet TS. The year was 1990 if that helps you.

Re: Registering old tomos moped uk

Does the engine have TOMOS stamped across the top of the head?

If it does, its post 92.

If not, its 91 or earlier.

Look on the frame somewhere (on the right side) near where the engine bolts on and look for a 6 digit VIN.

It SHOULD match the same 6 digits from the pic you posted.

My guess is it's a 1990.

Re: Registering old tomos moped uk

Adam Willison /
8vc OP

Hi thanks for that - it does have the same frame number as the engine number.

Re: Registering old tomos moped uk

Chris Molden /

I was bored last night working the graveyard shift...

From the partial number plate, and looking at the spacing and known standard font I'm fairly confident that it's one of the following reg numbers:

?004 FDH

?304 IDH

?504 TDH

?604 VDH

?804 YDH

With ? Being the year prefix. If you can work out the year, or at least narrow it down to a few letters you can put the reg numbers into :

And see if any come back as a blue Tomos.

I can't tell from the pic, but can you tell if that phone number starts 021 or 0121?

That area code gained an extra number in 1995 so if its 021 that puts it pre '95.

Even things like date marks on tyres can help - if it's got low miles on the odometer and '93 dated tyres, well..

Wish I knew more (anything) about Tomos to help you further


Re: Registering old tomos moped uk

Adam Willison /
8vc OP

That’s great thanks v much!

Re: Registering old tomos moped uk

Paul Archibald /

Have you tried calling DVLA with the frame number and partial number plate information. Just tell them that you bought it without the V5 and they’ll be happy to take £25 from you for a new one.

Re: Registering old tomos moped uk


I am in the uk,

on that vin no fom your picture on site it comes back as no trace, are there any other numbers on the vin plate or stamped onto the frame?

if you are on facebook/internet join the EACC as they date and provide certificates you will need to register with the DVLA (I have been through the process)

DVLA wont give you anything over the phone you will need to do some detective work to get the reg providing it is still on the DVLA system. if its not you will need a dating certificate £10 from the eacc and its well worth joining the club for under a tenner a year. you can then join a uk local eacc club and enjoy ride outs with other likeminded enthusiasts <50cc mopeds.

hope this helps


eacc Lancashire slow riders group

Re: Registering old tomos moped uk

join the facebook page EACC look for my post simon judd as there is some information on there from todays date with someone who can do vin checks and retrieve registration numbers (only if it exists on the dvla database), once you have the reg its just a v62 £25 to get a v5.


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