Honda express rear brake

Joshua Rhodes /


I put new rear brake pads on my 78 Honda express and they still do not stop?

What did I do wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Re: Honda express rear brake

On an Urban I'd bought a set of EBC shoes, and couldn't figure out what was wrong when mine didn't grab. Turned out that for some reason they weren't making contact. Drum specs were within limit, cable was ok, but they wouldn't touch no matter how you put them on. Check your cable and drum specs.

Never had a problem like that with another set of EBCs so don't know what it was.

Found a pair of stock shoes and they were fine.

If you got them from Treats, maybe they'll swap them out.

Re: Honda express rear brake

Does your brake drum need to be serviced? If it's shiny and smooth the shoes will not bite.

If the correct shoes are new, the drum finished properly and within wear limits, and the cable is adjusted, then you should be able to lock the brake with the lever. (edited)

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