carb float bowl gasket questiom

hey guys, tried contacting treatland asking if this gasket would fit on my oko, idk what model it is, just that its some where like a 21-24mm oko. but they seemed a bit confused and didnt know what to tell me. here is link to float bowl gasket, and a pic of my carb , any chance anyone know if this is right part ? my float bowl has been leaking a little and i want to seal it up. also just off topic, does anyone have a favorite carb for their magnum set up, i got an athena 70cc kit and love everything the way it is, just curious other peoples experiences with other carbs.



Re: carb float bowl gasket questiom

Polini cp

Re: carb float bowl gasket questiom

I mean, it says it fits all OKO carbs, sooooo

Re: carb float bowl gasket questiom

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

why dont you like look at the gasket and see if it's the same shape? It does say ALL oko. could it really be all?

but also polini cp.

also also, that carb says 24mm right on the side of it.................................................

also also also, here is your crab (edited)

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