First Ride.

Paul Boyer (OFMC) /

Finally. After the most relentless winter that I recall, on April 21st I got to ride my 1966 Honda CM91 for the first time since I purchase this little beauty:-)

Had the bike up to 45mph & should get between 50 to 55 once I go for a long run!


Re: First Ride.

kevin Smellaflange /

6v happiness...89cc of quiet rambling.

i have 1972 ct90 pre-blinkers

Re: First Ride.

Nice ride.

Re: First Ride.

Of course, you know it's not a moped, however, I think we give free passes if the bike is from the 50's or 60's and has just one, small cylinder or if a kitted moped can keep up with it.

That said, I picked up a CM91 about 6 weeks ago for $125. Some of the covers were missing but the seller found them in a bucket in the basement. I got a leg shield from Maine but Im pretty sure it fits a newer model. My local Honda dealer down the street has a 1980 Passport and it looks as if it would fit that better.

Engine turns over but transmission is stuck in a gear. I have a 30 something mechanic that got two of my mopeds running last summer and I have confidence that he can certainly diagnose any problems the bike might have and probably get it running.

I don't see any date stamp anywhere so I'm wondering if it matters since they only made the bike for 4 years? I'm sure doing a Vin number search would tell me the year.

I have no history on the bike but the shop that sold it to me has had it for 2 years and never really looked at it much because their specialty is gas and electric golf carts. They had permission from the owner to sell the bike, and the owner was coming back from Florida and would look for the title. The bike was his father's and his father had passed away.

I'm wondering if you can answer a few questions.

1. Why would it be stuck in gear and is that an easy fix?

2. I don't see any electric start button, so is the battery there for sake of the lights and the bike is kick start only?

3. I would expect that a 50 year old bike would need a rebuild. Aside from ebay, do you have any sources for parts? Everything on your bike is really clean, so the previous owner took a lot of time shining things up or bought a lot of new parts for it, or you did.

4. I can't speak for everyone here, but I enjoy hearing the stories of where you got your bike, what you had to do to it, etc.

Re: First Ride.

My edit time limit ran out and I had one more question FOR NOW.

5. Is that how the leg shield is supposed to look on these bikes or did you or the previous owner have the same problem I did finding the correct one and somebody trimmed it down?

Re: First Ride.

The model he has is supposed to look like that. VERY NICE bike Paul!

Re: First Ride.

trent, i am not sure why the bike would be stuck in gear. more than likely you are going to open it up and take a look at the clutch. its just one cover, but its a wet clutch so get a bucket.

yes the battery is for the lights and stuff. it acts as a voltage regulator as well.

it may not need a rebuld, who knows? my 56 year old c50 started by adjusting the timing chain. It seemed like the dude before me over heated it and had a soft seize due to a hole in the exhaust. when the piston seized the timing chain moved on the sprocket one tooth. i had to take the top end off, resent the timing chain and then put it back together. i still have to weld the exhaust though. ill get on it soon. haha

Re: First Ride.

Paul Boyer (OFMC) /

Hi Trent. Sorry for the delay, I have not been on my (old school) computer for a while. There are numerous parts sources. Try checking out the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club for starters. The leg shield on my CM91 was a kit offered from the Honda Customs Group in the late '60's. The bike is kick start only. As for the tranny being stuck in a gear you will need to rebuild the motor & see what else needs to be done. I bought my Honda fully restored. I have done restores & resto-mods before but I am not a mechanic (wish I was). These little Hondas are bulletproof once you get them into shape. Good luck with your project.

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