Dumb quick fix for sachs starter cables

Sachs Starter Cables can create a unique challenge. Some have a removable barrel end, but for most the barrel in the clutch is a soldered-on end, with a specific shape to fit the starter lever in the clutch.

Many of us prefer to bypass and plug the oft-leaky and always unnecessary decomp. But doing so can leave you having to remove that extra section of cable housing too. Andwhen playing with the cable, maybe it gets frayed or kinked. Or maybe it's bad to begin with. But be not a frayed!

Just drill out your darn old barrel, countersink it to fit a small barrel from a throttle cable or better yet bicycle derailleur cable, bam. g2g. party on wayne


Re: Dumb quick fix for sachs starter cables

♣Slew Foot♣ /

another good trick is to put a Bic pen spring on the decomp PIN to hold it up all the time it screws on there and it will stop it from pushing in. You can also use a brake line and cut it and drill it then you take solder and you fill it once you put a frayed wire through it you coat the inside of it with wax or even paper once the mold is made with The Frayed and then and it comes out after you pour the hot lead into it you can then cut off the copper I don't even think it would stick if you didn't even put anything in there just because of the nature of the metals

Re: Dumb quick fix for sachs starter cables

Born to be WillD /

I used to do that, this is way easier tho!

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