Help please no spark

So I'm working on a taotao type (no name or metal stickers) gy6 139qmb 50cc 4stroke and it was running fine then stopped running at all. After checking for the basics (spark, compression, fuel flow) I didn't have spark. So I got and installed new cdi, new ignition coil, new stator, new rectifier, new battery, new spark plug, new carburetor, and new fuel lines and new fuse. So after having replaced basically te entire ignition system I still don't have spark despite doing a valve job to .003 on intake and.005 on exhaust. I'm rattled af and can't seem to figure this out please help! What else could it be?

Re: Help please no spark

Broken green ground wire or the pick up. BTW you have a scooter not a moped. Even though it's classified as a moped it doesn't have pedals. This is a Vintage moped site.

Re: Help please no spark

Roman Gabriel /

I've checked the pickup but I'll trace the grounds, thanks again

Re: Help please no spark

FYI I read somewhere while working on one of these that if you turn the engine over and there is no plug in place it will blow the CDI.

If you have spark and it does not run... it can be the CDI again. The one I worked on had great spark. Turn out that the CDI just gave the spark at the wrong time.

I hope it helps.

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