Gov doesn't even know its own rules

I saw a guy on a new Yam Zuma tonite... I asked him how fast it goes... "Oh.. these are pretty fast.. it'll do about 45".

"I really like the big seat... for seating two people on it"

So I said... "Those are supposed to be licensed as a motorcycle aren't they?".. (I was sure they were).

He looks at my like I'm stupid... and leans over and points to the sticker on the side of the plastic... "No... these are MOPEDS!"

He had a regular Michigan Moped sticker on this thing.

Which I swear is against the law... but if he got the sticker... that means he submitted some paperwork to the S-of-S (DMV to most people)... and they processed it as a moped.

I swear the rules say a Moped (in MI) is supposed to be >

under 50cc

30mph max speed

(it used to include automatic tranny... but I know they relaxed that rule maybe 2 years ago)

Normally the bureaucracy has contacts with the manufacturer that states the specifications of each model... so they already KNOW whch model qualifies as a ped and which qualifies as a motorcycle.

Its either on the moped list or its on the motorcycle list.

Apparently they have no such list.

Its a free-for-all.

Cool... I LIKE free-for-all's... anarchy is my choice for government.

Apparently I could walk in and just TELL them any bike is a moped... and they give will give me a sticker.

So they way I see it now... the only 'legality' ... is whether the cop 'perceives' the bike as a moped or not... in other words... If he felt a big Harley was a moped ... then its a moped.

Obviously he is gonna see a 'big' bike as a motorcycle... but what if I ride a Honda Trail 90 ?

Or a CB125 ?

They're small ...

I think I am going to try find the official state vehicle code and see if it has changed.. or its still a 30mph limit.

It would be cool if that 70mph 6 speed Aprilia 50 was now considered a 'moped' in MI.


Re: Gov doesn't even know its own rules

InfectedBootSector /

Hah... same thing here. I guy told me his 250cc scooter was a ped. He got busted a few weeks later though, going down Interstate 68 about 70 miles an hour. It just looks funny to a cop to see such a small bike going so fast, especially with no tags.

That guy was such a dumbass.

Re: Gov doesn't even know its own rules

The Moped Guys /

It sucks that each state has its own moped laws. We have to sweat it when we do distance rides because CT doesn't require registration. We cant register the mopeds in another state because we are not residents of the state.

Re: Gov doesn't even know its own rules

yeah.. no plates in florida could get me in trouble.. linving 5 miles from the florida line.. but georgia requires no tag registration insurance nothing only a helmit... florida requires tag and registrationa nd insrance.. no licence or helmit..

Re: Gov doesn't even know its own rules

Matt Wilson /

In MA as long as you submit the paper work the DMV will take your word that your vehicle is a moped. You could get a sticker for a Yamaha RS 1000... but you might get pulled over a day later.

BTW Fred I just installed a malossi variator on my Zuma and the thing goes 48mph now. I'm going to put in some lighter wieghts later this week because the thing gets into the powerband at 38-40mph, and I mostly cruise around town at 35.


Re: Gov doesn't even know its own rules

david f martin /

SC seems to be pretty loose with its moped laws. I've seen a couple of Honda Passport 70s running around as "mopeds".

Duck, I'd love to ride down to GA sometime to visit my kids, but I'm not sure I can get away with it on my '87 Elite. What do you think?


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