Puch Bar End Mirror Install

So I picked one of these up from Treats. I've never owned a Puch with one so I have no idea how these are installed. Does it need some piece that goes into the handlebar to screw into? I can't figure out how these are secured. Help me Obi-Wan!

http://www.treatland.tv/NOS-puch-bar-end-mirror-p/nos-bar-end-mirror-puch.htm (edited)

Re: Puch Bar End Mirror Install

Stick the rubber bit into the end and tighten the nut. Rubber expands and grippy grips.

Re: Puch Bar End Mirror Install

Probably Fred /

You need a hole in the grip end first to access the inside of the handle bar

Re: Puch Bar End Mirror Install

Ahhh... I was thinking that as well (rubber expands), but didn't think it would expand enough to hold it tight enough. Thanks for the tip!

Re: Puch Bar End Mirror Install

Don't laugh, I have wondered this for a long time, I want bar-ends for my Model 7, but for the life of me never understood how they attached! :)

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