What is it worth

I’m going to list my 1980 Puch with 913 mile on the odometer, runs strong. Has original sales paper work and manual.

Re: What is it worth

In the range of $100-$1000.

Sorry, but my reply is as vague as your question.

Re: What is it worth

Jeff Hiatt` /

These are the current photos that might help with the value estimate.

Puch 2.JPG
Puch 4.JPG

Re: What is it worth

Ah, there she is! Pretty, too! Depending on the FL market, I'd say in the neighborhood of $700 on CL/Marketplace and $500 MA price, if you have title/registration as required in your state. Assuming it runs perfectly. That's a ballpark. I may be off a bit one way or another, since I'm west coast. Others will correct if I am.


Re: What is it worth

Probably Fred /

1.5hp 25mph model open port aluminum cylinder with thick head gasket, 12mm carb and intake probably has 15tooth front sprocket too.

Shame it’s not the 2hp Open port cylinder model maxi because that comes with a 14 mm carburetor and intake

Rip on seat and mark on throttle grip looks like it’s been downed on that side but still looks good

If running with no issues around 4-600$ nowadays prices but it all depends how bad you want it !

it it’s not hard to remove the thick head gasket and do other things to change it to 2HP specs

Re: What is it worth

That is the best color Puch, would say 500 or so.

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