My Peugeot Story

Growing up in New Jersey it was legal to drive a moped at 15 .I got my first Peugeot Tsm at 15. I had a job and put every penny I made into it. It was so awesome to have my own transportation. I blew so many speed kits on it. I was young and had no idea about timing and jetting a carb. I have since like many of you, have acquired many mopeds. I bought a Tsm Moped in PA and and I got the Title, to my surprise it was my moped with my name on the title from when I sold it many years ago. That was so cool. It was by far the best time I've had as a kid.

Re: My Peugeot Story

This is amazing. Lucky you to get your nostalgia back.

Re: My Peugeot Story

I guess you are suppose to have that particular bike .

How much has it changed since you sold it ? Or , hasn't it ?

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