Wheres Brett?

Has anyone seen/heard from Brett Epp lately?

He texted me awhile back re: making fairing molds for my bike and then went "poof"

There's a $1.48 Venmo in it for the first person with info leading to his whereaboutz

Re: Wheres Brett?

He'll show back up eventually. He's very a very busy/active person.

Re: Wheres Brett?

He Just posted on spicy boys page on facebook

Re: Wheres Brett?

Maybe he doesnt want to talk to you

Re: Wheres Brett?

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

He was temporarily abducted by the greys. They will put him back after a few anal probes and such.

Re: Wheres Brett?

he texted me

thanks tho

Re: Wheres Brett?

I’ll be sure to boop his snoot when I get back to town.

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