Re: Amstar Nostalgia 49cc

I got mine from NVA motorsports as well! Great guy to do business with!

Re: Amstar Nostalgia 49cc

> Cameron W wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Still, while your solutions weren't

> technically the right path to the problem, I appreciate the help in

> figuring out what connects to what & how to check for inconsistencies in

> the future as it helped me triple check EVERYTHING 🤙🏽


> Born to be WillD wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> for the speedo, probably just a lil tab or something somewhere, if you

> stare at it long enough you can figure out how it works

The thing I realize is the more you work on stuff, you don't learn exactly how to fix everything, rather you build up the understanding and self-confidence to look at stuff and figure out what's not working and what might remedy that

Re: Amstar Nostalgia 49cc

> Michael Earley wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Ok found a group that didn’t exist in search so scratch my idea Id

> creating one asa better one exists


Welcome!! Thats a good group for learning.. Charles is great.. I was in it but left. I did a motor swap to a 125cc and was documenting on FB and IG. He/she/current country situation safe pronoun deleted my links to the swap under self promoting. Kind of a douche.. anyways... there are plenty of good groups in addition to that one. SBC does some great rides and also.. DC VA MD Scooter - Moto RIders. Best of luck!!!

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