New to me - 1978 columbia commuter

After many years of desire i just picked up a 1978 Columbia Commuter moped. It looks to be a pretty well cared for, almost complete project bike. All parts seem to have been stripped and paint job completed. Wiring looks to have been done well, color scheme it great, chrome jobs well executed, and compression is good (according to gauges and tests). From previous owner... needs a new coil and the pressure release valve addressed, but overall looks like a top notch rebuild job! Had 275 miles on the speedo. Just wanted to share. Ive wanted a moped for about 15 years and was just kindof lingering. Previous rebuilds for me include a honda CT90 and multiple subaru and vw 1.9 waterboxer engines. Super excited for this bike and to get it ready to ride for the spring and summer!!!


Re: New to me - 1978 columbia commuter

reminds me of those orange popsicles w cream inside. nice.

Re: New to me - 1978 columbia commuter

its really pretty. :-)

Re: New to me - 1978 columbia commuter

Looks good John!

Re: New to me - 1978 columbia commuter

cool! I am a big fan of sachs in general, but also the round in square commuter headlight is one of the quirkiest funniest favorite things on mopeds.

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