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Here's some more progress.


Re: An American Microcar/V1 Build


Re: An American Microcar/V1 Build

Here's a test ride with my 5yo. Bike turns and handles great. the differential works as it should.

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>>>taykoff [s2m] /

Solid work, Dmitry. I'm glad to see this project up and running; enjoy it!

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Looks awesome, better than new, looks like a blast to ride as well. Great work.

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Did my Microcar edition come with any kind of plastics in the front? I'd like to see some detailed canopy photos, plexiglass windshield, roof, mounts, etc. Anyone can post a few photos?

I'd like to see this done next:

convert to 12V,

a piece of modern electronics, a battery to power it

aluminum spun tank

front fender

seat belts


some kind of trunk; no room for stock trunk with differential, it's heavy too

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There's been some progress since I posted last.

1) Install Polini 75cc kit with stock head. Convert to 12V: had help putting this diagram together (French Moby /frenchee, and others.) Put a Ducati CDI in, manually retarded timing; removed stator material for maximum stator clockwise rotation. Installed the retarding Pietcard CDI + coil combo. I'm still looking for a good ground, so for now the alligator clips will do. Add the fan to the equation and the the temps hover around 350F.


2) The front fender on the KX65 forks is work in progress, but at least the Shinko Goldenboys tires aren't kicking up dirt in our faces.

Maximum three files attachment limit reached on to the next post. (edited)


Re: An American Microcar/V1 Build

3) a piece of modern electronics, a battery to power it

The only "modern" piece of electronics I put in is the 60mm GPS speedometer available just about everywhere. It fits neatly into a Vespa Grande headlight housing. No magnets, no extra wires: pop the switch and it starts looking for a signal. Mine is a Latnex brand and it works. I'm sure it's a rebranded item and is available everywhere under different brand names.


The headlight is the Larsen brand out of the nearby Fergus Falls, MN. It has Hi/Low settings and is blindingly bright at either one.


The LED tail light has the brake light function. The China master cylinders with built in brake switches work.


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4) Aluminum spun tank: Original steel tank was trashed. Fitting this aluminum one was a bit of work using the original mounting holes. In the photo you can see see custom aluminum adapters to make stainless mounting brackets match up to the mounting holes on the frame.


The Trailtech sealed NiMH battery pack powers the lights and the speedo. The battery and the Trailtech Regulator/Rectifier is held on with a zip tie for the time being. I plug the battery to a trickle charger when parked.


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Right now the trike has the Polini 75cc, 11x45 gearing, yellow GY6 springs. With my 200 lbs ass on it, a 6 yo, and a 3 yo kids next time, the thing is screaming off the line at super hi RPM's but a snail pace. Builds up speed quick though. Uphill take offs are out of the question right now. I have a 48T sprocket on the way which should help quite a bit.

Next stop is to get a seat belt, put polycarbonate folding front and back windows, rollaway vinyl sun roof, luggage trunk and whatever else I decide to do.

Re: An American Microcar/V1 Build

Super cool! :)

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