Canadian Insurance.

Russell Phillips /

So I just brought my first moped. Very excited about riding it only to find that according to my broker its going to cost me $550 to put it on the road. Is this typical for a new rider who's been driving a car for 40 years with a perfect record.

Re: Canadian Insurance.

Say what?

Re: Canadian Insurance.

kevin Smellaflange / old is your ped?

antique plate it.

in MASS it's 20 per year, no anything else but fuel.

sucks 4 u

Re: Canadian Insurance.

John Joedicke /

Ontario? Planned to get raped. You might as well get a motorcycle as they screwed over mopeds back fifteen years ago. Only wayaround the insurance screwup is get a e-bike. EMMO makes a look alike motorcycle. No registration no test,no insurance needed as long as it has pedals

Re: Canadian Insurance.

kevin Smellaflange /

even M/C insurance is only $130ish or less.

you have a mandatory liability of min $500k?

in cali is min of $25k.... I Think that's the rub.

ask sno-cat.

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