Scammer Alert

Just so you know... I've begun to receive multiple offers to buy my moped which is listed for sale here on our forum. Some offers have come by email and another by PM. Every single one of these offers is exactly the same, word for word with the exception of the moped brand they claim to have worn out. I was born at night but it wasn't last night.

Re: Scammer Alert

So whats the name?

Re: Scammer Alert

kevin Smellaflange /

what's this?

have u contacted any just 2 find out?

Re: Scammer Alert

It's public apology time. I received an email offer to buy my moped and a PM offer. They appeared to be from TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE but were worded exactly the same. Sounded very fishy.

As I have seen many fraudulent offers via Craiglist and the like I immediately assumed... Here we go again. A form letter bogus offer email.

I my hasty reaction, I did not consider the PM was from the same person, only their screen name was different than their actual name of course. Again I am genuinely sorry for the incorrect conclusion. No malice intended to anyone.

That being said, I am a local sale, cash only kind of seller. That's been my only MO since I started buying and selling motorcycles in 1976. Thanks.


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