Husqvarna corona s/n 33991

Randy Randall /

Trying to learn about this 50cc scooter. I think it’s a corona but it has peddles instead of a kickstarter.


Re: Husqvarna corona s/n 33991

kevin Smellaflange /

pics please.

Re: Husqvarna corona s/n 33991

Coronas came with either pegs or pedals, but post a pic!

My wife’s grandfather lives in Clear Lake, IA. Nice little town from what I got to see (although it was all snow and ice when I was there). She will be there visiting in two weeks, actually.

Re: Husqvarna corona s/n 33991

there was a Corona in buy/sell last year.

too far for me

hope he sold it instead of scrapped it.

bike is so cool.

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