Spicy Boys Presents: Sizzle II - Two Stroke Boogaloo May 24-26, Kansas City, MO

Hey y'all.

Spicy Boys are hosting our second rally Memorial Day Weekend (May 24-26th) in Kansas City, Missouri. There will be the usual fare of Friday night shorter ride and general hangs, then Saturday long ride with a picnic stop in the middle and then weave our way back to the shop for the party. This year will include all the Hamm's you can drink Saturday night, as well as the addition of a competition BBQ team providing dinner and sides. They will also be grilling jackfruit pulled pork for our veggie friends. We will have round two of the hill climb for prizes and maybe some slow and/or fast drags for fun, all accompanied by a DJ, dancing, and a bonfire out back. Come party with us and let us show you our beautiful city.

**Please note, just like St. Louis, this is a camping rally. We will be camping in the lot behind Hickory Union Moto. If you are not comfortable with camping, please make other independent arrangements.

Per the usual - registration is $20 and that includes a rally pack and tshirt. Plz follow the link below to fill out the form and get *stered.

Sizzle II - Two Stroke Boogaloo Registration


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