Honda Humming noped/scooter

Jack Rutherford /

I've never seen one of these before:


from the ad:

"For sale is a 1981, 82 or 83 (Everything is in Japanese on the bike) Honda Humming G Scooter. This is an NC50 model, 49cc engine. These are also known as Honda Express. The Humming is a very rare little bike. This bike is not operable and is either for parts or restoration. The engine has strong compression. It is a 2-Stroke engine that is gas oil separate. It is mixed through an auto mixer before ignition. Price is $300.

It is located at my business and you can stop in anytime during our hours to see it. Address is on this post. Our hours can be found on our website:

This is first come, first serve. No holds or deposits. First person here with $300 will get it. You can call to confirm it is still available, but I will remove the post once it is sold. Again, this is a business so don't be surprised when we answer the phone."

Re: Honda Humming noped/scooter

Beach Club Nick /

It's a cool bike, it's just a shame it's in such bad shape. I don't think it's worth the $300 asking price as it sits. Missing at least the turn signals, tail light lens, possibly the speedo/keyed ignition, rear fender, brake levers. If it's still available next time I go back to Cleveland I might try to pick it up on the cheap.

Re: Honda Humming noped/scooter

Captain Janeway /

Looks like the mutant child of an express and an SR. different, but not worth $300 unless you really feel the need for something different.

Re: Honda Humming noped/scooter

> Captain Janeway Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Looks like the mutant child of an express and an SR.

Reminds me of the Honda “Suckus” I made years ago.

Re: Honda Humming noped/scooter

This is near me, I had considered going to look at it.... however if it "is" for the Japan market, I question whether I could register it in Ohio (we use the VIN with an affidavit of ownership). I'm rather wary about them not knowing the year. If "Humming G" is in English, you would think the manufacture date would be also.

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