General Vs. Pacer Vs. Safari

Hey guys! I been thinking about getting another moped. I want a top tank with A minarelli v1 with plans to kit etc. There are three peds that seem to fit the bill, Pacer Super Sport, General Five Star, and Safari mopeds. I know there are also some others because minarelli put there motors on a lot of peds but basically what I want to know is which of those is the nicest and why. Ok so maybe thats not a fair question... But you get the idea. I am leaning toward a safari mt400 but wasn't sure how it compared to the general and pacer. obviously they all have the same engine/clutch setup so it basically is a frame comparison. let me know what ya think...

Re: General Vs. Pacer Vs. Safari

good lick finding a safari......minerelli sold the motors, diddnt choose what bikes they went on.... generals are great bikes, share parts with alot of the other taiwan made bikes, clinton ect.....

pacer came with a morini, not a minerelli... right???

Re: General Vs. Pacer Vs. Safari

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

You should also consider a motomarina Sebring with v1 motor.

Re: General Vs. Pacer Vs. Safari

Caleb Walker /

Actually I have seen more safaris for sale than pacers. HAHAHA! just my luck to look at rare mopeds and not know it! ; )

As far as construction, durability, and ergonomics go which would you choose?

Re: General Vs. Pacer Vs. Safari

10/10 safari or motomarina.

Re: General Vs. Pacer Vs. Safari

kevin Smellaflange /

or..a HODAKA 100cc shifty 5 speed. lol

Re: General Vs. Pacer Vs. Safari

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Actually, the Safari had a really chintzy seat mount. Pacer Super Sport had Morini Franco M1, not Minarelli V1. Larry is right, the V1 Sebrings are sweet.

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