Korado Engine

matthew Downes /

Afternoon all,

I recently got a puch free spirit which has what I presume to be an e50 Korado engine (P2A 1M CM 49). Im wanting to do some tuning and light mods and wondered what everyones opinion is on this engine. Cant find anything specific to this engine so would appreciate anyones advice.

Im thinking larger displacement, up grade carb, exhaust, polished ports etc etc.

Thanks in advance

Re: Korado Engine

Better cylinder, bigger case transfers, 3 shoe cutch, and sometimes cdi ignition (later models). If you go with a kit you'll probably want something that matches the existing transfers pretty well.

Re: Korado Engine

I once installed an a55 topend+carb with an angled port pipe, hit 40mph.

Re: Korado Engine

Hero kit is a close match

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