Looking to sell my cosmo

Just Looking to see what you guys think I could get for this. Its a 1978 cosmo blazer 2. I got it with a saddle bag and im unsure of if it's original to the bike. Runs and drives great. Thanks

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Dirty30 Dillon /

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Re: Looking to sell my cosmo

I just sold my Cosmo Colt for $600.

Re: Looking to sell my cosmo

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

It is a Benelli Blazer. Cosmopolitan Motors in PA bought the exclusive rights to Benelli in the USA back in the day, and re-badged everything Benelli. They have since shut down, and some local guy bought out all their NOS and sells it on ebay. The bags are aftermarket. A nice running/looking moped can sell for $200 in Shreveport, and $1200 in San Francisco. It is all location market based.

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Re: Looking to sell my cosmo

Marc Belfort /


Re: Looking to sell my cosmo

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Cosmopolitan motors Quakertown pa

Larry Wise 90ish is still in the game .

If you got a box store ped like a JC Penny or Montgomery ward... Thank Mr Wise. He did all the deals then he said why not my own brand.

He currently runs kinetic/Luna parts but you need benneli stuff he still has a shit ton.

Personally I love the man.

I m so secure I can say that ..

Its like a father son thing OMDG I am just making it worse

~Enuff said...

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Larry wise is a legend. he deserves an amazing amount of respect for what he has done. JC penny, Wards, avanti, benelli, kinetic. he brought in all of em like slew said.

back in 2005/6 he gave a huge discount on new TFR's to us here. think it was $399 shipped.

still regret not getting a tfr.....also regret never getting one of those wildfire jialing passports and toptanks...anyone remember those! sell me one, lol

Re: Looking to sell my cosmo

♣Slew Foot♣ /

He has a prototype electric he designed with kinetics supplier.dual battery off road


Re: Looking to sell my cosmo

Naomi Austin /

I'm new at posting, but I hope someone can help. Is there any contact info for Larry Wise? I recently acquired a HMW 75R. It's a scooter, not a moped. Very few were made and only a handful imported into the US by Cosmo motors. I've managed to make a couple of contacts in Europe , but beyond a parts list in German I can't find much on them. I feel Mr. Wise may be my only insight into any information on this unusual scooter and if he is still around I would love to write him. Naomi

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Re: Looking to sell my cosmo

I was in his warehouse a few months back. I PM'd you his number. Good luck.

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