Motron color codes?

I have a motron trike I’m restoring, it’s the olive green metalic color, which is my favorite they came in. I mechanically restored it this winter, rebuilt the diff with new oil, had the rear hoops of the rims re chromed, new spokes cut and trued, new carrier bearings for the rear axel and rebuilt the bottom end with a polini, 19 Phbg and a circuit pipe, and lastly fixed up the pryer rear end frame piece and had it painted decently. (I plan on having this repainted when I paint the rest of it)

But when when I get it repainted I’d like it to be AS CLOSE as possible to the stock color. Especially with it being my favorite. So I was wondering if anyone had a color code for it or a recommendation as to where to send for paint. I heard a while back that a lot of the times the paints were bought from car companies and you can find the exact code if you look hard enough but I can’t find too much about motron other than that it was built by Romeo motors.

I head there are places that can basically put a scanner type device to the paint and copy it but I don’t know how accurate it is or where to get that done. Any help appreciated !


Re: Motron color codes?

Check with NAPA Auto Parts store , 114 S Market Ave .

Not all stores have the scanners or the ability to mix and match , but , they might know ...

Re: Motron color codes?

I have 9 Motrons, 3 of which are that color green, and I like that color the best as well. I also have a Pryer rear end and plan on making a trike as well this summer. I could use any help with the project as possible.

The bike I plan on using is a red model that was primed by one of the previous owners and now consists of 4 different colors; on the fork, rear fender, gas tank, and frame. I'm thinking of a hot pink color for several reasons. First, maybe the color will interest my youngest daughter in mopeds. Second, if I can't attract attention on a trike moped, I sure as hell ought to attract attention on a hot pink trike moped!

Good luck with the project and keep us informed. (edited)

Re: Motron color codes?

Be careful these trikes are very easy to get a rear wheel off the ground and tip over if you don't know what you're doing! i wish you the best and will help where I can!

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