Tomos sprint refresh

I bought this 2007 sprint a couple years ago, it came in pieces along with another tomos. I put this one together to get familiar with mopeds and have something to ride around on. I did the minimum to get it running, then got a pipe, changed a clutch spring, tore up the clutches and learned a lot on it.


I had promised the wife that this was her moped so we could ride together. So I tore it down and got to work spiffing it up. Spent a couple hours after work every day for a week prepping and then painting most of the bike. Took apart the rear shocks to paint them and grease ship up. This is how she sat for awhile.


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Good JOB,Alex! Man,that's a great story and happy ending! Hope your wife likes it!

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Thanks don. The wife is the one picking the colors, she also got some grips from treatland, she seems into it for the most part.

There's more to come: Iam rebuilding the forks right now, I have the top end apart also. I plan on re-ring it and trying my hand at porting to reach the ever-elusive 50mph on a 50cc (edited)

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While I understand the elusive 50 mph quest, I would recommend against it unless she really wants it. It is dangerous on most mopeds(especially for a new rider) to go that fast anywhere there is any traffic or unknown terrain.

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Took the forks apart to paint the fork legs. Not a big deal there is only two bolts and a circlip holding them together. The lower drain bolt needs coaxing with an impact wrench but it not on too tight.

I had ordered some fork seals and dust covers but they were the wrong size. I was able to get the seals from a local bearing shop but re-used the dust covers.


The top bolt is concealed by a rubber grommet it's a huge torx key or allen i had an allen big enough. But it only needs to come off at the end to fill the forks with oil. Also the bolt is under some pressure from the fork springs so just be aware when loosening it and puting it back on. I couldnt find the fill amount anywhere so i put in about 120ml of 30w oil just cause thats what i had laying around.


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The forks polished and installed.


I Painted the handle bars and some of the hardware also got some parts in from the treats sale. The work bench is a mess right now but I plan on getting some parts installed and off the bench tonight. We'll see how that goes.


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Forks turned out nice .

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I havent been spending much time on the bike. I was able to get the tires off and the brake plates disassembled


The PO did a number on these wheels, he plasti-dicked the wheels, tires and all. There's also some corrosion in spots and paint bubbling so a sand blasting is in order. I got a sand blast gun from China freight. I plan on blasting the wheels, controls, tail light housing and rear rack this weekend.


This ped is not that old it's an 07' but it hasn't aged well. There was some rust in the tank, the wheels, rear rack and controls are starting to corrode, the tires are dry rotted. Iam sure it was neglected by the PO but I didn't expect it to be this bad. This is how she's looking right now.


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this rebuild has been slow going. life has been getting in the way. anyway I got another moped and iam anxious to sink my teeth into that so iam picking up the pace on this tomos.

got some fresh paint on the wheels over the weekend, went with miami vice fuschia. I still have to paint the brake plates before I can put on fresh tires and tubes but I have other stuff to knock off the list in the meantime.


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I like the raspberry rims. Reminds me of my old school freestyle bike.

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just put on grips, and the freshly painted control/button mounts all happening in real-time. got the wiring done: controls, lights, volt regulator, and coil. tidied up the wire harness and tucked it away where I could. all that's left is the connections from the stator.


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my son took a nap Sunday early afternoon I got to work like 2 hours unobsructed. cleaned up the brake plates, slotted and sanded the high spots on the brake shoes. new tires and inner tubes front and back and switched the rear sprocket to a 22t. he woke up before I could mount the wheels. then we went to the pool I drank beer and lost my will to work on mopeds.


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Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

ooooooo, that's a SPICY color scheme! keep up the good work!

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wheels done. cables need a shortening but it's a roller pretty much.


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Looks great Alex ! Professional..

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Josiah Radebaugh /

Iike it!. Wanna hear er' runnin when ya finnish.

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Thanks guys. iam gonna organize my thoughts and garage a bit and get into the motor. iam leaving the botom end alone. iam gonna do some porting on the jug lets see what happens.

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KUDOS ,Alex, especially for NOT removing those fenders. Good job!

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thanks Don. i too am a fan of fenders on motos. i actually had to by the front fender cause the PO had gotten rid of it for some reason.

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Fenders are old wisdom, and that means tried and true. Don't know WHAT modern bicyclists and mopeders are thinking.

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got the brake cables and the throttle fitted and put on the cable cover, the bike is done as a roller. now on to the fun stuff.

This was the first motor i really delved into, it was apart when i got it. i put it back together without gaskets, pretty much just slathered red shmoo on the sealing surfaces. noob cringe-worthy garbage work. it ran decent like this for awhile, until I developed a head leak on the intake side, then I stripped a stud tightening it down. put on a second nut on the stripped stud and kept going. this bike would do 42 all day and seemed rich even with a leaky head. i cant believe it ran for so long in these conditions. a testament to how fool proof these tomos are.


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cleaned up the cylinder and painted it. I did some light porting, raised the exhaust a little over 1mm, widened it 1mm (.5 on each side) and opened up the flange to 24mm.


on the intake I left the port alone just opened up the flange to 14mm to accommodate the intake manifold


Honed the cylinder with 400grit


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gaped the rings .014" top .016" bottom. decarboned combustion chamber and piston, decked the cylinder and head. ended up with a squish band of 1.3mm

opened up the transmission to check the clutch and damn...full of ground cork.


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That ring gap seems pretty wide . I'd think something in the range of .008" - .010" would be a lot more desirable .

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i used the wrong metric. the ring gap is .15mm and .16mm not inches sorry. i did have a hard time calculating the gap. I resorted to measuring the old rings before honing the bore(not really honing more like deglazing). oh well let's hope for the best.

here's what the clutches looked like: first clutch was shot, the second still has meat, I left that one as is and re-lined the first gear clutch. (edited)


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Fabienne Cornillet /

Wow, good job !

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> Alex hernandez Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> i used the wrong metric. the ring gap is .15mm and .16mm not inches

> sorry. i did have a hard time calculating the gap. I resorted to

> measuring the old rings before honing the bore(not really honing more

> like deglazing). oh well let's hope for the best.


That's much better . ;)

Could have just used :

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no shit! don't know how I didn't see that. here's what the clutch looked like while curing


trimmed and sanded all done


iam almost done with this thing, just have to cut the chain and give it a once over in order to start running it.


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Lookin' good . ;)

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