Moped Wheel ID

Hey guys, ended up snagging one of these Taiwanese mopeds with a Sachs motor for dirt cheap. The bike runs fine, only problem is the last owner had a BMX wheel on it for whatever reason. Obviously that's no good. From what I've researched on my own, I believe the bike is a Cuyler Wheel King or something along those lines. Anyone have any idea what kind of rear wheel I could use as a replacement for this thing?


Re: Moped Wheel ID

16 rim. for sach's....looks to me.

Re: Moped Wheel ID

Yeah looks like Sachs would work fine, but from what I read up about this particular model is that they used a hand brake for the rear and had the lever for it on the wheel hub as opposed to the coaster brakes that I believe the Sachs are set up for. Found a picture of the actual stock hub. I also vaguely remember reading somewhere that Italian wheels might work for this application too.


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