Cimatti VIN Number

On my Cimatti town bike, which of these numbers is the Vin number for registration purposes? I read somewhere that it is the numbers between the stars, but that is only six digits. Is that accurate? What are the rest of the numbers for?


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Yes, the digits between the stars is the VIN. Not sure what that other string of numbers and symbols is.

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Thank you for verifying this for me Larry.

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Regarding the meaning of the other numbers:

I have just acquired a Cimatti. On mine the numbers on the left of the star are:

' ? (faint unidentified symbol) V1'. So the first symbol is equivalent to the circled E on the blue bike. This could be an indicator of engine manufacturer - I think it's a reasonable assumption because the meaning of the next two characters is clear - 'V1' - which of course refers to the Minarelli V1 engine my bike came fitted with.

cimatti engine number.jpg

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I picked up a city bike a couple months back, what mods have you guys done if any? right now mines stock but im looking to upgrade and would like some knowledge passed my way about some good options preferably for people with similar bike. heck if you guys got any extra parts let me know as well. it would be nice to add the top tank to the city bike, first upgrade is going to be exhaust since mine came pre dented.

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Mine’s completely stock. I like it like that.


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I picked mine up looking a little rough but slowly getting it cleaned up

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