Barber Small Bore Festival June 7-9

nick lacasse /

If you’ve been to Barber Motorsports Park, you know how amazing this event is going to be. If you haven’t been, we’re about to change your moto life for the better. It’s quiet simply the single greatest motorcycle destination in the world.

Expect the same great small bore vibe you’ve come to know taken to another level. 1600+ motorcycles in the museum, one of the country’s premier tracks, 800+ acres, sanctioned on site mini racing racing, Yoshimura JDM drag racing, the grandest Creek Bottom Classic ever, a stunt lot, great off site routes, premier on-site camping, and a huge increase in vendor displays. Plenty more attractions will be added, but for now, give them a look…

flyer 1.jpg

Re: Barber Small Bore Festival June 7-9

swoops were talking about it, looks fun, barber is a great time

Re: Barber Small Bore Festival June 7-9

Thanks,Nick! I have a friend over in N. AL that I found out has cancer just yesterday. He was formerly of Jackson,OH.

That would be in the area. Looks like a great place to spend a week or two!

Re: Barber Small Bore Festival June 7-9

be there for the SCminigp round!

Re: Barber Small Bore Festival June 7-9

Wow! Just noticed the date! June. Not good for me. I'll be back in Ohio and that's a LONG way! Still, maybe get over there for my buddy Lonnie fighting cancer.

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