Puch 2 shoe brace

Anyone here ever make their own brace for the stockish 2 shoe clutch. I would rather make one then buy one so does someone have the basic dimensions for this? Just something to start with.

Re: Puch 2 shoe brace

Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

I made a few when I started off bracing 2 shoes. I just went to the hardware store and bought a sheet of metal. Then use a hole saw to cut the center hole. Then trace using a roll of tape and rules and bottles to get the shape you want then cut it out with an angle grinder with a cut off wheel. Drill and tap your posts. Might have to grind them down. Then done.

Re: Puch 2 shoe brace

Yea just make sure the metal is the same thickness or less then an actual "store bought brace". If you have a mill this is a really simple job. The only another issue is the screws because the metal is thin ( it's difficult to find the correct screws that will sit flush) I remember using countersink heads but the heads did not sit flush so I actually had to drill a counter sink hole in the plate & a lil on the clutch post and then when I had it all together I filled the screw heads a lil.

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