DOPEDS present: GRAVEYARD SHIFT - a nocturnal rally - OMAHA, NE June 7-9

You! lucky reader, have the fortune of being invited for the first time to double down on Omaha moped rallies this year! As is tradition, the dead possums are putting on the rally of the corn for the sixth year in a row, this time august 16-18. It’s a great rally, I will be there and I hope to see you there as well.

However, I am excited to announce that the DOPEDS will be throwing their first solo nocturnal rally this year, on June 7-9! Tired of melting your stuff in the summer heat? Cool down with us in the sweet summer night air! Stay tuned for more to be revealed!

for real tho, most of the rides will be at night. it is strongly encouraged that your lights work and that you attach a variety of other illumination type devices to both your moped and your person

come light up with the DOPEDS for omaha's first nocturnal rally!!


Re: DOPEDS present: GRAVEYARD SHIFT - a nocturnal rally - OMAHA, NE June 7-9

Registration is live!


Invite yo friendssss!!! T-minus 62 days

Even if ya don't want a pack register to help us with the plans!


Re: DOPEDS present: GRAVEYARD SHIFT - a nocturnal rally - OMAHA, NE June 7-9

If ya wanna rally pack please register by tomorrow may 27 so we can get a good count for shirts n things!

Here's the registration link:

Registration will still be open but we can't guarantee there will be an pack for ya if not registered in time.

The rally spot is gonna be a throwback to days of yore, 2580 harney st! there's potential to crash in the rally spot itself, that may not be the most serene sleepage however. The spot is on a fairly well trafficked street in an urban area so ideally I'd recommend finding a local to crash with or airbnb/hotel. Bikes are safe to stay inside the spot during day time or non riding shenanigans, but it can't hurt to bring a lock. Bring a bowlpan if you're drippy

This is gonna be a relatively faster paced rally, so if you got a blaster, bring it! Super stock bikes will probably have a harder time keeping up, well tuned stock modified should be alright tho. Again, make sure your lights are functioning and bright. There will be a breakdown wagon if ya blow it up!

If you're traveling from afar and need a loaner post up on here and we'll get you figured out. Hit up a buddy with a spare bike! If you're local, quit being lazy and fix yo shittt

Any other questions or concerns throw em up or pm me! I'll post itinerary a few days ahead

Here's a link to the facebook event, that will have the most up to date info on it!

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