1977 Garelli Gran Sport Value?

Hello, I am new to the forum and mopeds in general. My Father-in-Law just gave me his 1977 Gran Sport with only 329 miles on it. He had it stored in a climate controlled area for the last 15 years... The picture below shows it as I found it... dust and all... It fires up and runs just fine....

Would anyone know how to vaule this?? Exteremly low miles

I am not planning in selling it, but just wanting to know more about what I have??


Moped 1.jpg

Re: 1977 Garelli Gran Sport Value?

If you're not selling it, it really doesn't matter about the value. If you want to know more about the moped than the value, have a look through the Wiki and check out Treatland.tv or Dos Cycles for parts and go fast goodies.

Re: 1977 Garelli Gran Sport Value?

Shaun Price /

Like anyone that owns anything ... a concept of its value is always a curiosity.. Kind of like owning a house.. I'm not wanting to sell it, but I don't want to be left in the dark if I do sell it someday...

Thanks for the links...!!

Does anyone else have any suggestions on its value/rarity? Just trying to learn here..


Re: 1977 Garelli Gran Sport Value?

The saddle bags are cool. But the bike isn't particularly rare, and it's a moped, so it's not particularly valuable. Never will be.

An average valuation would be in the $300-$700 range. But it's a nice bike; enjoy it!

Re: 1977 Garelli Gran Sport Value?

........a running titled motorcycle can be had for $500....the bags are worth more than the bike....

Re: 1977 Garelli Gran Sport Value?

The rarity is not the bike, but the low miles, good condition, and the bags. Clean it up and you could easily get 700$-850$ out of it. Guys in their 50s-60s re-living their youth/collectors have proven many times will pony up when buying vintage mopeds. I've done it for years. Sunday Morning Motors has also proven this also, selling re-conditioned bikes for 1500$-2000$ & higher! Wanting to get better money, go to Craigslist or ebay. On MA you might get 400$ tops..

Re: 1977 Garelli Gran Sport Value?

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Value is also location based as moped laws vary widely state to state as does supply and demand. It is a $350 moped in the woods or desert, a $1000 moped in San Francisco or Brooklyn

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