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Ever since i had my za50 Supermaxi in my Maxi(so from the start)i loved these Supermaxi Cylinders, back then i modified it without having any Clue about 2 Stroke tuning, 30kmh (18.whatever MPH) Bike, Stock gearing with the short transmission(so about the same as an E50 with 13:45 Gearing) in the end it got up to about 35mph and 9'500rpm with the Stock Cylinder, non existing compression, a ton of blow by, an 8mm shortened Skirt, 10mm Carb and a 22mm Exhaust, late i learned to modify these things and got her to 45 with again the stock short transmission, but with a 40 Rear Sprocket, a Biturbo; ported Cylinder and 17mm Bing.

I now again have a Supermaxi and tried to tune it a little, it Picked up about 12mph with just swapping the 10mm Bing to a 12mm Bing and the Exhaust to a Clamp on Biturbo. I just love these things, the Cylinders are also a lot nicer looking than the normal Puch ones.

Also, the first setup i described had Timings of: 140°/122°/134° and got less than 50mpg, it used up its full Tank of gas, to won't start anymore in less than 50km. (edited)

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