E50 no power

I put a E50 together using a 70cc kit for a A35 I had lying around. It idles fine but does not accelerate at all just bogs. Has a mikuni vm20 first jet was a 120 dropped down to a 90 no change dropped to a 60 no change. I moved timing around and still no change. Any help would be appreciated.


Re: E50 no power

does it rev on the stand? do reeds look ok?

Targa seat/tank on that korado frame is dope btw

Re: E50 no power

Dirty30 Dillon /

I am going to guess that you have an airleak, combined with poor compression

Re: E50 no power

Chöschi21 C.K. /

This remindes me of something stupid i did, changed the Jetting around a ton and didn't notice any change at all, put the Piston in the wrong way so that it spit out gas into the Exhaust.

Re: E50 no power

if 120 main to 60 main theres no diff. it might just maybe be a clogged atomizer, clean and run some filters.

Re: E50 no power

It revs awesome on the stand. I noticed it smokes quite a bit could a bad oil seal on the clutch side cause that?

Re: E50 no power

Thanks. I didn’t like the way it looked stock and had all the parts in the shed.

Re: E50 no power

Your Vm20 should have a ~145-175 jet in it. 90 is waaaayyy to small. If its acting unusually rich and leaving heavy/thick white smoke it needs an oil seal.

Re: E50 no power

Second upjet. Sounds like lean bog. My vm20 e50 has 170 for the cold season

Re: E50 no power

Checking timing then leave it!

Is the piston correctly installed?

Try a new spark plug

Flue delivery

Kill switch wire short

Carb dirty

Huge fucking air leak

Re: E50 no power


if it doesnt have any power have you tried plugging it in

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