Re: Puch City, help me identify the parts.

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it is 70cc. he has all the boxes it came in, and the receipts for it. its not a free spirit, but similar, based on same motor. but various frame parts are different. there was a free spirit close by I went to see, but it was pretty crappy condition wise, but I can see the differences between them. The standard exhaust, barrel and head with carb is coming with it, the carb is a little larger than stock so probably the 15mm, if its a bing at least I can rest easy it isn't a Chinese knock off of a mikuni... those things have caused me a world of pain in the past with Honda C90 cubs (passports in US) as there sold as a replacement on ebay for the real thing.. junk. better to fix the old original. But in case the carb isn't up to much, whats a good quality replacement? only original dellortos, mikuni etc. I have messed with bings in the past but a little larger, on my MZ 250 ETZ east german 2 stroker. I know they aint fantastic carbs, but better than the original BVF, suffice to say it now runs a genuine mikuni VM30

If the kit isn't up to scratch either how about the gilardoni 74cc reed valve job from treatland? I'm buying the ped next week as its a bit from my place. i should have it here a week later, ill give it a run or 2 to see how it beds in, still allowing me a week or two before i travel to the US. how long does treatland take to ship if the stuffs in stock? ill only be in NY for 4 nights. if the bike don't feel up to much ill be rebuilding and port matching the motor anyways, I'm used to pulling apart large capacity v-twins, and have access to a complete marine engineering workshop with mills, lathes, tig welding equipment etc so it be nice to see whats possible with this tiny bike, if its running ok, ill keep it as is, I'm only gonna use it to go 2 miles back and forward to my partners place, or 1/4 mile from my place to my garage. and thanks guys for any info. any known faults i should look out for? other than the usual 2 stroke stuff like air leaks, crank seals etc. I'm guessing the fenders are aluminium? one i noticed has a tiny ding, if its alloy i can get that out with panel beating tools.

do the forks use chrome tubes like on reg bigger bikes, or is it just springs, rubbers and tube don't have to retain a oil tight seal? are the forks the same as the reg maxi? reason I'm asking is I'm 6ft 2", 225lb... i may have to beef up the front and rear suspension a bit. always good to know what will and wont fit. I guess most maxi engine parts will be fine, and only the odd chassis part,

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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