1979 Sachs Seville

Un-molested 79 Sachs Seville moped with under 2k miles. What's she worth? Only issues are : speedo isn't accurate, left side cover missing, float bowl gasket needs replaced, and license plate bracket is gone.


Re: 1979 Sachs Seville

I'd pay $150 or so. Complete and sorted maybe $300.

Re: 1979 Sachs Seville

My 2 cents....I've a collection of 30 or so mopeds. I've never paid initially more than $325 for any one of them. First and for most, you can buy a hoopty motorcycle for $500.......That being said, its a moped...Make someones day, and sell it for a couple hundo, and get it out of your life....Thats the way it sounds...I would never own a sachs. I've got better bikes going on right now. Keep it ride it, enjoy it........Sachs is bomb proof if you leave it stock engineered with mild upgrades. You make it fast, it turns to shit real quick, Like most freakin mopeds. Hope this helps.....

Re: 1979 Sachs Seville

hey that looks familiar!

One of the last peds I bought was a Seville. it had the D engine and mag wheels and oil injector and additional racks and super sick doubles seat tho. I paid 100. yours is an A, which kinda blows. I'd also add that I love sachs, most people have less favorable opinions. My point? you don't have a winner for this crowd. folks here it's be maybe a 300 bike.

Fortunately for the greater world they don't know what makes one bike different from another, it's just a moped. so see what other running mopeds sell for near you, it's probably in the 500-800 range. Some random person wanting a moped might see 3-4 tomos listed at 8-900 and think, hey here's another moped for only 500. and think that makes it a good deal.

To end my prior story, I sold my D, with legshields and a bicycle towing rack and running very well with upgraded carb and pipe. I traded it for like 250 bucks and a shitty kayak that the dude had listed for 100. If it were me selling, list for 6, take any over 400. after it doesn't sell for 3 months, drop the price to 450 and end up trade it for a kayak and $200

Re: 1979 Sachs Seville

I had a low mileage "D" motor Seville in very nice shape, except the gas tank needed some serious cleaning. I listed the bike here in the B/S forum for $250 and no takers. I ended up parting it out because I got tired of looking at it.

Re: 1979 Sachs Seville

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

In your neck of the woods one can ride year round which brings up the value a bit. No issue that you mentioned is more than ten bucks each to fix so I would put it up for sale on Craig's or let go or whatever for around 300. Sachs may be a little slow but they are very reliable so good as basic transport

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