♣Slew Foot♣ /

IntroAlrighty then.

The Wind Up.let's make moped army great again we need feudal bickering..

{¤Slewfoot¤} [dressed in twitchy live squirrels suit(peanut butter crackers and crazy glue ~nuff said)...]

Now that I have your attention...

Getting enough mopeds together to race and be entertaining is a daunting task.

. Like herding squirrels it is... 

_rim shot_SNARE_cymbal hit_

This one hit me too quick and I ain't all O'fish al. Sorry to the six folks who replied and took me seriously.

{¤Slewfoot¤}[dressed as a sad clown] _HONK_HONK HAAWWWNNK_ § puts oversized buglehorn in hobo bag §.

The first annual motorcycle race is indoor concrete track it is slated for February at the fairgrounds ag complex


I realize you won't get anywhere without a gaff. The hook as they used to say in vaudeville...


_circus fanfare crescendo_(starwipe)

{¤Slewfoot¤}[dressed as 30's detective with gawdy hat cigar and pinky ring].

I'll tells ya. You needs a fearless leader see not likes the real one Simon there's no disputtin dat he is da king but likes the MA's mouthpiece in matters internationals like and internal disposal of garbage between branches.

Also an excellent chance to compete in like a king of the hills battle so to speak...

a good back story... See

Like king author or watevrs a tourney

Grudges/vengeance...  Give dem pigeons er a da people what's dey deserve. Yeah your gettin it....

Victory or defeat at one's own hands...likes da history of your feets or whatsoevers..

With just the skill of a man's and his machine to wrest like distance and perchance hmm speed... Yeah..that's it.

(Scene fades with the back drop of the city skyline wit sleazy saxophone)

_(bongo solo)_

{¤Slewfoot¤}[dressed as smoked up hep cat beatnik type]

So heyee hohe there kittee o's

How about a right coast shop showdown for next year?

(Finger snaps bongos)

Don't 2x2 side by side Make u's hot.

(Finger snaps bongos)

Blind me with nitro methanol smoke remember the graphite daddio...

(Finger snaps bongos)

The track is ventilated u's knows I'd like to be enebreated...

(Finger snaps bongos)

U's got to step it up...

(Finger snaps bongos)

Full on

how fast is fast?

(Finger snaps bongos)

How much power can you weild?

Get hot. Oily and Dirty. Yeah sweetness...

(Finger snaps bongos)

I realize without sacrifice there is no true maniacal obsession...

(Bongos rise to a fervent crescendo)

[¤Slewfoot¤] coughs out a tar puck. ..

_trumpet blast_DADADADADADAADAA.   _marching sound_

{¤Slewfoot¤}[dressed as Roman centurian]

{Snaps Caesar salute and sounds horn}

as a tribute I request a sacrificial stuffed animal from each army branch with gang patch affixed

To be held hostage so all branches have equal rights in the former BSH empire.

I may elect to sew their sorry weathered hides to my armor.

So it may be the fleece for the games the prize.


Ride it till it burns☀

Or untill your butthurt and switch it off with a few close friends who share your passion for adult toys.

AND Or cut loose with a hoot n NANNY and some brews and laugh till dawn. At The remaining fools...

The drama and follies of MA. Wrote large on a national stage.Get all the camera folks together. Make it epic.think pro wrestling on mopeds. Heels and hero's..

Unique characters...

The stage is set.  

{¤Slewfoot¤}: [dressed as 5 star General Patton] : "LISTEN UP you trustfund kids, art school drop outs koumbucci drinkin man-bun tight jean wearing hipster freak o llamas,

this ain't KOA. beaches suck it up buttercups and stop that mumbullypeg GROM B.S. OFishi al like.dutypile.  arugala has burned yer brainboxess...

Pack that skally wag in yer duffle and stow it..

Cans Only muffin munchers BYO stuff and things...

[Scene fades with flag waving and firework finale] (starwipe) ...

[Scene opens with teepee and campsite] {¤Slewfoot¤} (dressed as an indeginous chief replete with full headdress peace pipe and spirit bag along with almost sad clown war paint)


trym your luck make um much wompum, maybe see um big show, get um heap big free play. Grab m squaw make it 3day weekend.

Free bus rides from NYC and Philadelphia and elsewheres.

u haul the peds to get Them peds here in bulk. The casino has bus service.  Many hassles may fade liken stains in your tighty whitey'

Scene close.  

_60's bass line rapid surf beat wipe out_

  Run it till it seizes...

Multi rider. The motor can't be shut off. Refuel in a pitlane. Dual elevation packed gravel. City park with full facilities.

Hmmm so let's say summer. I will try and get a window when we have the calender of events dead spot.

I think if we can pull off an impressive event I can get the race slot again.

There is also a 5 star hill climb right here in spring / summer. Is it even possible to run it? If it isn't, how bout a race down it after the actual hillclimb?

Bethlehem should be the UN for moped army.

all disputes settled here on the track.

It is neutral ground. Like Switzerland

we haven't had an army branch here in decades or for the Swiss centuries. Think Geneva.


The Nain were the indigenous people of Bethlehem. A brave was accused of murdering the Irish innkeeper. The innkeeper was a friend of the Paxton boys who vowed to kill the whole tribe.

The Moravian's being Quakerish and non violent moved the whole tribe to presumed safety of the

Philadelphia army base.

They all received blankets from the department of Indian affairs. they all died of chickenpox, never to return.

No one is really left in Bethlehem from BSH.

There are no signs telling that history.

An old man told me when I saw the Indians face in the arch of the old inn.


Those who are not here and totally forgotten.

I hate being an OFMG. I also hate people talking at me like I am a nube.

I just met Andy years after BSH folded and he moved. Hi silversides

I was here before the great formatting....

O h3re m3 gr8 titans of Olympus...

H3re m3... I am A lowly unbranded wrenched follower of YOUR recently deceased machevious son TOMII.

I humbly besmerch your council.



♣Slew Foot♣ /

I request blue shirt holiday be renamed the Nain. It will just be active for events. There is no moped house. There is no moped shop. No BSH.

The mopera resumes.  

{¤ Slewfoot ¤ } : Colapses on the alter of Batavus and Sachs Hercules... His helm dropped to the oily black abyss revealing the folding tinfoil / microwave pizza crisper disk Devo power pot hat that instantly pops open once freed from his helm and the rebarr pliers clunk from his twisted throttle grabber.


his eyes glaze awaiting the judgement of Olympus. 

Scene closes with slew lying in a pool of marvel mystery oil. 

Awaiting yet another rebuild..... 

The spot lite dims with a erriee flicker as it tightens almost like a stock prima's headlamp at a stop sign. And.....




♣Slew Foot♣ /

^^takes bow^^

Worries about 1st rule of moped club and stares at foot circling in a short loops ...


♣Slew Foot♣ /

I would also state marijuana is a hell of a drug


Wake 'an bake? :)


♣Slew Foot♣ /

You know I want a replacement for the mopedlar ride.

I do not even know why I even try anymore.

Just sit and rot then.. FU all.

Hell if I ever offer any hospitality ever again to ungrateful pantywastes.


kevin Smellaflange /

off meds?


depending on when it is us Pittsburgh peeps are down


> Brent Eaton Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> off meds?

Maybe just home from the bar ?

Post time : 02:11AM .


This is a wild read. Is this what LARPing is?


♣Slew Foot♣ /

No man Pitts is cool. You actually responded .

I don't drink. It is just that the mopedlar ride had like 150 mopeds it got so big it was unmanageable.

I have an opportunity to run an actual irl event. I tried to lean on the moped community and it was an epic faceplant. In stead of complaining about your lack of inertia I give an epic plea/pep talk/screen play. To which I get cricket noises.

I had a nationally recognized dragbike team offer me to fill a slot of track time. I kinda foreseen this. And replied I'll see what I can do.

Result I lose cred. And feel like. I should peg any branded moped peeps in the head with a ball peen hammer if I catch them in BSH turf .

I have been on the site for almost 15 years.

I think I may have been mistaken when I thought there was a kinda camaraderie that the military had.

Now I think I should look into canoeing and ultra light aircraft repair.


♣Slew Foot♣ /

It is troll season too...


♣Slew Foot♣ /

No no no Brett I am on meds. Medical marijuana....


I was trying to get MA more pro active. Like get interbranch completions winners advance to compete in a high lander type there can be only one.

They would then wear the fleece to the alpinebatton which would be the grand prize.


♣Slew Foot♣ /

Oh and have it all documented and sell it to fund the trip.


Dirty30 Dillon /

Slew, your ramblings are really hard to follow.

If you want to organize an event, you have to organize your words first so people at least get the 5 W's out of it without having to hire a philosopher and anthroplogist.


Hey man I think people may have been a little confused at the post if they read the whole way through. I know I was a bit unsure of what you were trying to say through it and whether you were trying to have an event, talk about the moped racing thing, or restart blue shirt holiday.

Anyway I totally think people will come out if something was set up in the area. Hell, I know 2 people Besides myself that I can commit to it.

I’m a firm believer in the 1989 Kevin Costner classic. If you build it they will come.

So let’s set a date! I personally think you should start off with a one day group ride early in the spring and if you get a fair amount of people out set up a weekend long rally in fall to get all the long distance people together.

Set a day and I will be there if you give me about 2 weeks to a month notice.


Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Standard Winter can't ride psycobabble. Every February someone goes over the precipice. Throw him a rope quick!


♣Slew Foot♣ /

Ok. I will give you a clue what puts you on the precipice.

I was working on my project a3.

19 MA carb. Piston port airsal kit new replacement cdi custom estroil pipe. Even has the new. bunny badge. I was having a birch of a time setting up the cdi to replace the point set. It was a horrible experience. I had debris wreck the piston. I ordered the cdi and the airsal replacement piston then spent a week trying to set it up. Then spent a week tweekin it trying to get it to start. Cleaning carb spark plug ECT. Got spark compression and even did a leakdown everything checked out. Then I was in idiot mode. Dumped gas. fresh mix rechecked the wiring. Check the piston position ie is it upside down?

Nope the window is facing the intake....

WINDOW!!! it's a piston port...

I did order the right piston. They fumbled it but treats let me keep the a35 piston but my other kits a 45mm .


♣Slew Foot♣ /

Anyway the feudal bickering would liven the place up. There should be a national event. Every branch represented to compete for a trip to the alpinebatton to rep MA.

It was a thought.


I love you. thankyou


♣Slew Foot♣ /

Oh the one I missed was the swap meet 15 16 17 of Feb and bike show.

The drags are still on. June no set date yet waiting for the booking.


Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

I still have the rope ready in case. If nothing else it makes a good piston stop


♣Slew Foot♣ /

WilllD I would let you hit me with the ball peen hammer. I still ave most of them batavus parts.


♣Slew Foot♣ /

The gods are dead.

Olympus is silent....


♣Slew Foot♣ /

This is the point entirely.

There's no council..

No fearless leader to usher in the new age of mopeds. To rule over the peasants w an iron mallet.

Or ride w/o pants. With a mullet.... Ahem. . damn meds. ..


♣Slew Foot♣ /

Oh and pot is decriminalized here

25 dollar fine in Bethlehem

50 in Allentown.

Sands casino runs free bus service from NYC and Philadelphia and nj and Lancaster York.

So you could get free play and comps. And have the peds moved in bulk


♣Slew Foot♣ /

I also think moped army should invade a small country like Suriname or Newfoundland....

I hate not being taken seriously. We should take Granada to show'em all...

(Twirls mustache and cackles)

Muhaaaa haha haha...


♣Slew Foot♣ /

If we could get there we could over run Luxembourg...


Hey dude clarify when and what the fuck you are trying to organize here. Lol


Dirty30 Dillon /

> ♣Slew Foot♣ Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I hate not being taken seriously.

Then focus on forming coherent thought.

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