Help plz

I just pick up this moped 1978 Sachs 50cc columbia clean up gas tank carb try to fire up but it wont start couple of explosions. I think having problems with timing can anybody help with that? How to set up time correctly firts time working on a moped

Also looking for headlight and R&L side covers


Re: Help plz

Start here. Make sure you have a good strong spark. Timing would have to be wayyyy off for it to not run at all, there are a lot of other factors I would think are more likely. check for fuel flow (which sounds like you did already), use new gas, new spark plug, clean the point contacts, check for air leaks.

All covered in that link. Almost any question you will have as a beginner has already been discussed in these forums so please utilize the search feature and WIKI.

Re: Help plz

Nice looking moped Jay, follow Christian's advice. Learn to navigate Wiki I'm sure you 'll find your answer. Also take off pipe and check it . Just never know.

Re: Help plz

kevin Smellaflange /

get some eco friendly cleaners, you'll be using alot maybe indoors?

some folks work on their rides in their flat whist they watch the tele.

good tools, ref books, a list of what you found out.

a local guru in your town is always nice.

cover your days work with an unmolested towel.

don't let any one frag with it....just say'in

Re: Help plz

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Just as a quick way to make sure timing is close. Stick the eraser side of a pencil into the spark plug hole and determine where tic is. See if the points begin to open just a tad before it reaches tdc since opening point initiates spark. Although unlikely I have seen amateurs put in wrong stator or incorrect position 180 degrees bass ackwards

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